“If we are looking for a KC live (show); Chicago was exceptional” – Robert Fripp
“One of our best” – Tony Levin
King Crimson evolves, changes, morphs as relentlessly as the Soundscapes which open each concert. Since the 2016 tour of Europe, the band has become a double quartet line-up with Bill Rieflin’s return from sabbatical as keyboard player & Jeremy Stacey’s confirmation as a permanent member/third drummer. This allows for the inclusion of an ever more complex & compelling array of material, far more than can be contained in a single concert. With options for up to three keyboard players in the current line-up – Fripp & Stacey both have setups alongside their respective guitar/drum rigs - the majority of Lizard is performed live for the first time ever, likewise Fallen Angel from Red is making its first ever concert appearance/live recording, Cirkus envelops the listener in sound, the beautiful title track from Islands closes the first set, while staples from the 1980s line-up Indiscipline and Neurotica appear in very different arrangements. New piece, The Errors makes its recorded debut & current audience favourite Heroes appears in the encores at the end of Disc Two. Add to this list of concert newcomers & returnees, live staples of the recent tours such as Starless, Easy Money, a recording of Level Five described as the “best ever single performance” of the piece by King Crimson biographer Sid Smith & a storming ending provided by the evergreen 21st Century Schizoid Man & it’s easy to see why the band was so pleased with this gig & the audience went home happy.

King Crimson continues to re-invent & re-imagine both itself & its music; the kind of thing that once would have been called a “progressive” approach. It’s an approach that has benefited band members and listeners alike from January 1969 to the present – September 2017.
Written by Brian Sugrue
I attended this show with my 24 year old son, a KC fan since his early teens. The experience at the Chicago Theater was incredible, as the music was imaginative and thoughtful. The trio of drummers were tight and locked into their parts. The music was both gentle and fierce where, in turns, it was demanded. The fact that this show was released commercially is not surprising, as it was truly a remarkable show, and a significant representation of the power of KC!
Written by Marcin Karski
An immense CLASSIC added to the universe of Kcrimson catalogue!
This is so epic that it's actually difficult to digest in one take! Amazing new concert document from the King Crimson a'ka "8-headed beast"... During one show they tear through most significant creations of their turbulent career, spanning 48 years of band's history, supervised by the master craftsman Robert Fripp. The man who used to be mercurial and rather dictateurish about his approach to both music and his bandmates in the early or middle stages of Crimson's history - now seems to be as...
Written by Steven Nathan
Wow, That Caught Me Off Guard
What a great surprise! I did not know this was being released now as I was wandering around the website - imagine my surprise to see this treasure awaiting! Thanks for the early gift. I am starting to play the download, soaking it in and crossing dates off my calendar in anticipation of the forthcoming Fall tour. A truly great time to be a CrimHead.
Written by John Majer
Although I much prefer listening to recorded music than attending concerts, I decided to attend my first King Crimson concert in fear that not doing so would lead to a regret. I have listened to KC for decades and I’m quite taken by Islands, LTIA, and SaBB albums. These works provide me with a deep source of inspiration, both personally and professionally. It was quite a treat to hear LTIA (pt. I) as an opener…and to hear LTIA (pt. 2), especially in the first set, was well beyond my expectat...