When you take out the Exiles fragment and the snippet of the second improv, this disc clocks in at under 40 minutes, which is a damn shame because it is so good. It’s because of the shortness that it doesn’t get a 5 star since the sound quality is very reasonable and the performance is off the charts. LTiA is missing the percussion intro (my guess is that the tape was started late because they might not have realized the band was actually playing) but it launches into a storming version - had it had the intro and had the coda been written, it probably would’ve clocked in at 15+ minutes. As it is, the violin segues nicely into Book of Sa... ahem, Daily Games. The improv which follows is a true gem (as are all of the Muir Period improvs) with lots of great ideas flying around and some of the themes from Doctor Diamond appearing at the end. All in all, an excellent document from this lineup - it’s a shame it’s so darn short.