Although he claims he was never happy with the drum sound achieved at Wessex Studios, there's no denying that hearing Michael Giles work around the kit in such close detail is breathtaking. With just Fripp's acoustic and Lake's bass guitar as accompaniment Mister Stormy lets you about as close as you're ever likely to get to the recording sessions of a truly groundbreaking album. This is a must-have for fans of Michael Giles drumming and all fans of the first King Crimson album.

This track is available on Mr Stormy's next bumper collection. His fourth year of treasures from the murky, cavernous DGM archives, torch in hand, fedora upon his head is now available for download.

AUDIO SOURCE: Multi-Track Tapes



In The Court Of The Crimson King
Written by Sezai Basar
In The Court Of Crimson King - 21 July 1969
Hello Mr Stormy Would you please let me know if this song has already been available for sale or not? If so, where can it be purchased ?   Best regards,   Sezai Basar  
Written by Paul Welsh
sounds wonderful! the utter precision of the guitar is only appreciable when heard in this reverbless context-id love to hear the whole album like this
Written by Michael Poché
Funny thing is, the drum sound on ITCOTCK is one of the things I’ve continued to love about this album since I first heard it in 1976. I don’t know if it’s how they’re tuned, or the particular sonics of the studio, but I’ve never heard drums sound like this on any other recording. Frankly, I am hoping for another archival release from the ITCOTCK sessions with stuff just like this. Brilliant; thanks for allowing us to hear this.
Written by Pedro Campillo
What a drums!!
My grandfather should be 105 by now but he died at 97. He was an excellent musician that could have been professional, but his family forced him to be an architect. He founded the first Jazz orchestra in Barcelona in 1927, called Tribu Universitaria and played sax (imported from the US as there were no saxes in Europe then) and violin, among other instruments. When he come home, I always played him some of my favourite prog music, he quite liked some of it, other bored him to death. Dispite his violin expertise, he never enjoyed David Cross playing i.e. But I still remember the first time I played In the Court of the Crimson King to him. After only 20 seconds of playing his face litghtened and he exclamed in his Spanish jazzy language: Qué "drums"!!!! (What a drum player!!!!). Thank you Alex, for bringing this back to my mind. Dispite what Mr. Fripp says, I think that Michaels playing in 21st, ITCOCK and Epitaph, can’t get any better.