02 June 2017

Hotel Acceptable, Seattle.


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Down to the breakfast room which wasn’t quite open. E-flurrying. On DGM News…

Adrian Belew, fired by Robert Fripp, goes on to reinvent how we hear music

Having worked with Frank Zappa and David Bowie, the legendary guitarist turned his attention to app design.
Michael Dwyer, The Age

Everything is in flux. Frank Zappa gone. David Bowie gone. Talking Heads finished. King Crimson? Well, still around, though Adrian Belew's tenure ended abruptly a few years ago. 

"You're not right for this band," read Crimson commander Robert Fripp's curt email. After 33 years, Belew admits, that sort of hurt. But he's not the kind to look back in anger.

(Pic) Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew at the Portobello Hotel, London, in 1981. Fripp later fired Belew after 33 years via email. 

So, what was the Crimson commander Robert Fripp's curt email to Ade? On Sep 7, 2013, at UK 11:33 RF wrote:

dear ade,

when you called, just before setting off for NIN, you said: if you were thinking of reforming KC without me, this would be a good time! 

i wasn't thinking of that.

on monday 22nd. july, visiting two pals in london for supper with T, i saw how the Beast might return to life.
but, i wasn't sure i wanted to do it.
so, surprisingly, this past wednesday evening i decided to set Crim in motion.
this is a very different reformation: seven players and three drummers.

this is not a Crim i see for you.
this does not mean that you are no longer a member of the Crimson Brotherhood, rather that i see you as presently The Eighth Man.
T Lev was The Fifth Man for ten years.

the final player to say yes! of the seven did so yesterday at 18.55.
before i do anything more with this, i wanted to contact you and let you know that you have escaped the Mighty Beast's return to action - this time.

xxx eeeeeeeeeaaaaaargh! boppin' bobby 

Adrian’s response Sent: Sat, 7 Sep 2013 19:01…

that was a close one.

RF reply: Sep 8, 2013, at 4:58 AM…

ade - don't relax too soon: you're still younger than me.

The following day, Mon, 9 Sep 2013 6:52 Adrian wanted to speak on the ‘phone, so I called him at home. Ade was unprepared to be The Eighth Man, and quit the band. Ade was not fired: he left the band of his own volition. Regrettably IMO.

Why e-mail prior to speaking? To allow Ade to absorb the information before talking with him.

The last conversation between us regarding a KC undertaking had been in May 2010 when Adrian called me in Washington, where Fripp & Fripp were speaking. Adrian was keen to reform KC 1981. I didn’t say no, but was unable to say yes. Billy B was not prepared to revisit that incarnation, which let me off the hook.

As per the e-mail: this is not a Crim i see for you. Adrian is a stunning front man, being an equal member of an ensemble is not Adrian’s default operating system, and the present KC does not play to Adrian’s strengths. But, the excellent Adrian Belew Power Trio does. Hooray!






Adrian Belew

unfortunately there have been a few "great things gone not so great" in my musical life recently and I am determined to remember the "great" and move past the "not so great".

I am very happy doing what I do now and no one can rain on my parade. cheers!

Michael Lyle I must have missed the "not so great".

Adrian Belew try "kicked out of NIN followed by being let go from King Crimson". that can certainly ruin a parade!

Dave Raccagni Adrian- I never thought of it as you being "let go" from KC. Rather it was just Robert defining the next evolution of KC, just as he has many times before. Your unusually long KC tenure was a testament to how important you were to multiple iterations of that band.

Brian Kogan I was just thinking what a blessing in disguise it has been for Adrian to not be in certain other bands anymore but wasn't sure if it's something i should mention or not.

Adrian Belew Brian Kogan I couldn't agree more. best thing that could have happened. thanks robert!

And on we go.

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