Riverside Theatre Milwaukee United States

Talk about chalk and cheese or to put it another way: what a difference a day makes.[endtease]After their uneven performance at in Pittsburgh, Boz and the boys spent a day travel up to Milwaukee and washed up at the Riverside theatre. 24 hours spent away from the stage has made them hungry again, giving this gig a distinctive edge to the set.
Arguably the best live rendering of Formentera Lady is to be found here; Fripp’s chords and timing are tight and consequently Boz’s vocals are focussed and sharp. Collins moves from supportive flute to bracing salvos of alto sax fired over the rhythm section inquisitive wanderings which range from sparse funk, R&B shuffle, and Elvin Jones workout. As it migrates to become The Sailors Tale, Collins’ frenetic soloing demonstrates why there was no other band quite like Crim doing the rounds back then; it’s jazz rock but not as we know it, Jim.

Groon is cut into two sections here thanks to the tape running out and being reinserted into the cassette machine,and whilst some of the internal tensions are referenced by Boz and Ian (particularly when a member of the crowd yells for Schizoid Man), it’s relatively minor stuff compared to the previous gig.

Instead, there’s a truce that enables some remarkable music to sweep everyone onwards and upwards to greater heights.

Not even Robert’s guitar breaking down at the start of Schizoid Man seems to dint the confident air at the Riverside theatre that night. Ever wanted to hear what Crimson without Fripp would sound like? Well here’s your chance. When they start up again with Fripp in tow they deliver a version which comes pretty damn close to the jaw-dropper rendition of 21CSM at Willmington (as heard on the Earthbound album) the previous month.

AUDIO SOURCE: Cassette Soundboard



Pictures Of A City
Formentera Lady
The Sailors Tale
Ladies Of The Road
21st Century Schizoid Man*
21st Century Schizoid Man
Cadence And Cascade
Written by Samuel Langer
Amazing concert from the Crim Crew!
Great concert, buy it! Damn shame Groon is cut off at the beginning. But nonetheless an awesome concert. Sound quality is great.
Written by Barry Briscoe
A Good Solid Show
I really enjoyed this show. It's a fine snapshot of the band at this stage and sonically very listenable, reasonably balanced... a touch "hot" in places but zero complaints given its source. It sounds like they were having a good night in spite of the technical gremlins leaving Fripp high and dry as they begin "Schizoid" but when they start up again, he retaliates with a lengthy solo that is inventive, furious and superb. Mel plays like a beast throughout - the guy was full of inspiration and invention and I think the band responded to him in kind. The transition between "Formentera Lady" and "Sailor's Tale" has been mentioned by earlier reviewers and I agree that it is excellent and surprising, one of the highlights of this show. Though there may had been a chasm between Fripp and the other three, they gel extremely well throughout this show in spite of the tensions. "Ladies" may suffer from a bit of silliness in the vocals department, one should focus on what Robert is playing... some very interesting embellishments going on and the "Sailors" type thrashing he uses immediately following his solo leading into the final section had me smiling in delight. I must mention that Boz is solid and dependable throughout as is Ian Wallace and nice to enjoy a decent length drum solo in "Groon" before the dreaded effects kick in. All in all a good solid show that portrays this much maligned line up in a positive light. For anyone wishing to dip their toe in the water with this tour and wanting to get just a handful of shows as examples, then this one comes well recommended as a good all round performance that bears repeated listens.
Written by Jeff Oaster
An angry Fripp perhaps?
Listening through this concert a couple days ago, I can’t help but wonder if Fripp was a bit angry. Judging by what I’ve read from this tour, the band was a bit ornery and frustrated - and it’s clear when Boz and Ian are teasing the crowd about playing Schizoid Man. They also screw up the lyrics during Ladies of the Road, right before Fripp plays a very bluesy(!) solo. And then his guitar craps out on him during Schizoid Man so the band has to stop it while some hasty repairs get done (he would have similar problems a couple nights later in Indianapolis, with different and very intriguing results). Once the songs starts up again, Fripp plays a very long guitar solo - clocking in at around six minutes. Overall, it is a great concert though - the Formentara Lady/Sailor’s Tale combo is top notch, with some brilliant soloing by Collins during the bridge between the two songs, and Fripp’s performance is equally as good. 
Written by Tom Brantseg
Night and Day
What a huge contrast this is to the tired and erratic performance two days before. The band seem to be in good spirits (despite a few technical glitches) and well rested, and as a result the improvisation is extra-lively throughout. Mel’s soloing on "Pictures" and, especially "Formentera Lady" is quite adventurous, and there’s a rather charming flub in "Sailor’s Tale" when he and Robert get carried away and extend his solo a few bars past where it should normally end. (The spacy transition from Formentera Lady to Sailor’s Tale is worth mentioning, particularly the two high harmonics Boz taps just before they dive into the groove and the way Ian seamlessly sets it up. Awesome stuff.) Speaking of Robert, he’s on fire too - his ruminations on "Sailor’s Tale" are quite beautiful and his furious (and quite lengthy) "Schizoid Man" solo is the highlight of the show. "Groon", although not quite measuring up to the Summit Studios version, is still a very intriguing take, with some pretty violent group improvisation leading up to the drum solo. This is one of the best shows from this period that’s surfaced yet, up there with Summit and Orlando. I’ll echo acampo’s call for some more soundboards from this tour - hopefully there’s at least one more early ’72 show of this caliber hiding in the archives.