Miller Symphony Hall

After nearly 50 years of worming its way inside the consciousness of several generations of listeners, there’s no denying the power that this track continues to generate. Taken at a slightly more leisurely pace than previous incarnations, it remains an impressive showcase of dynamics and dexterity. Aside from Gavin Harrison’s spotlight solo, there’s a rather nice duet between Fripp and Jakszyk to savour.
21st Century Schizoid Man
Written by David Leibovitz
Schizoid Man on the Fall 2017 ever?
While the Live in Chicago version was thought by many to be definitive, and the Mexico City download had my personal favorite drum solo of those released so far, I think what King Crimson has done with 21st Century Schizoid Man on the Fall 2017 run has made a release like this the best recorded treatment of the song released to date. I caught the band in Boston; both there and in this version, the arrangement is fresher than I can ever recall hearing. When the percussion drops out to just Fripp and Jakszyk and the song 'recovers' when one of the drummers takes the reigns, it's just astounding. The 'jam' in the Fall 2017 version of this song is so creative and new, it's a joy to hear these guys perform it on this recording and it brings me back to seeing them in Boston. Thank you for this release.
Written by Harry Spade
There are no words to describe...
It was my intention to write a thorough review of this show but I just don't have the vocabulary. I've listened to all of the live recordings since 2014 and none of them compare to what I witnessed in person. The setlist was outstanding and the musicianship unbelievable. Possibly the highlight for me was the transition from "Moonchild" to "The Court Of The Crimson King", which nearly brought a tear to my eye.