Lisner Auditorium Washington DC 2

If ever there was an example of the work of one supporting the work of the others it’s surely Meltdown. Initially developed from a small motif by Robert on the road in 2014, the piece gradually took shape and form in various soundchecks and later writing sessions. A working example of poise, balance, grace and forward momentum.
Written by Jeff Walker
Easy Money Had Me Speechless
First time seeing this version of the group and what an introduction. Had great seats and got to experience the full force of the band. And this was definitely the best version of Easy Money I've heard, with Jakko's wordless vocals at the end of the improv section especially noteworthy.
Written by Thomas Phillips
Just when I thought the 28th was the best concert I've ever witnessed...
...the 29th was astounding. I have to concur that the balance sonically was superior on the second night; I mentioned to David that there were some issues the night before (Jakko's guitar and vox, Mel, and even Tony's bass was overpowered by the drumline + Fripp) - the notion that it depended upon where one sat was suggested, however I've heard from an array of people these were universal issues. It was an entirely different scenario on the 29th; the sound was indeed more balanced, clearer, crisp + the setlist was arranged in a very intense order that fueled an equally more enthusiastic audience. What I remember the most was the version of "The Letters" featured an extended midsection bordering on insanity - utterly amazing. I also have to express my gratitude to David, Iona, RF, and Tony for the Royal Package experience - it was worth every cent to secure a great vantage point, enhanced by a very enlightening discussion...thank you.
Written by Michael Tripicco
Twice is not enough
After having impulsively bought tickets for both nights in DC I wondered whether I had made the right decision. After two nights of powerful and exquisite musical performances, my only regret is not having also ponied up for Newark and Philadelphia. To these ears the 29th was slightly better and clearer-sounding. But perhaps that's a reflection of having gotten the "Fallen Angel" I was hoping for, as well as "Discipline". And that leads one back to the premise: see as many of these shows as you can manage.