Forum Karlin Prague

It’s a little-known fact but the floor of the Forum Karlin had to be specially reinforced because this version of Level Five was so heavy. The doors to the venue needed replacing after they were blown off following the ‘Star Trek’ section of this track and the structural integrity of the roof was also called into question by emergency engineers who were called out to the scene.
Level Five
Written by Zigomar Jose Espíndola
Very Good (Muito bom)
ótima música, Parabéns a todos os integrantes da banda King, As baterias ficaram demais, ótimos musicos. Tudo muito bem sincronizado. Bom trabalho. Aguardo mais pérolas novas. Obrigado.
Written by Djordje
If Tony can get confused in Krakow, so can I in Prague!
End of June in Prague was a series of highs for me. Daughter's graduation, 57th birthday, King Crimson live. WOW! I knew all the stuff that King Crimson, in whichever guise (but always founded on Fripp), played. I knew everything that you have played that night. Yet, I knew none of it. It was different. It was new. It was hair raising and goose pimples on all the LTIAs. It was the best Starless that I have ever heard. Thank you for playing three! Never mind when the music had been conceived, ...
Written by Shlomo Polonsky
Crushed & Happy
Hi, DGM! Shlomo Polonsky, 44, jewish, normal, father of four, Russia. That was my second time at The Court. The first was two years ago at the same venue, for Prague is the nearest city to see the band if you live in Moscow. What can I say... Oh yes, I can say. I came to here not King Crimson, but MY King Crimson. With the years their music became true friend for me. It has started long time ago and I don't remember and can't explain why - and it's on and on, as the long friendship goes and...