Bellco Theatre Denver

Tony Levin will candidly admit that the parts he’s required to tackle on this piece, written by Trey Gunn, represent some of the most challenging Stick playing of his entire career. Coming second in the set at Denver means he doesn’t have a lot of time to get his fingers warmed up. But hey, at least then it’s out of the way and he can relax for the rest of the night, yeah?
The ConstruKction Of Light
Written by Steve Riley
Worth Every Mile!
My friend Ray and I (lifelong Crimson fans since we were teenagers) traveled from Kansas City for this show in Denver and it was worth every mile of the trip! We purchased the Royal Package, and the sound/mix was absolutely stunning in a beautiful modern theatre. In addition to this inspired version of “The ConstruKction of Light”, other highlights of this show included great new material such as “Meltdown”, “Radical Action”, and the audience had the opportunity to hear the Mighty Crim perform “In the Court of The Crimson King”, “21st Century Schizoid Man (featuring an astonishing drum solo by Gavin Harrison”) and rare gems from “Lizard”. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the evening was being able to see a band perform at the top of their game without the annoyance of people holding up phones! Truly, a memorable evening.
Written by Vincent Hostaak
Hella Helicoid! Hella ConstruKction!
There is a description in geometry of a three dimensional sprial shape called the helicoid. Its distinguished as the "only non-rotary surface which can glide along itself." I know nothing of geometry, but I'll take a bit of imaginative license here to declare Tony Levin's stick work and the elliptical interplay of guitars on this performance as "helicoid" in shape. A great way to propel the musical action forward bookended by the concert opener Neurotica and Pictures of a City at the Denver show (Bellco Theater, June 24, 2017). I've only heard this composition previously as the studio recorded rendering. So working Mel Collins' flute and sax parts into the composition was a special treat. Another example of the expertly sequenced playlist and a board recording that's virtually as clean as a whistle. (No whistles in this recording,btw,except those of the expressive variety from an appreciative audience). Thanks for including one from the Denver date.