I must start my review by saying that, alas, the sound quality is pretty crummy. Not completely unlistenable, but murky and indistinct. This is a shame because the performance itself is very interesting, containing some surprises and details which would disappear from the setlist in later dates of the tour. For instance, the extended Sailor's Tale has a peculiar middle section in which Fripp plays lyrical, clean lines and arpeggios, trading sweet licks with Mel's flute, in stark contrast to the ultraviolent guitar solos we have come to expect in the song. The ending slightly overstays its welcome and I'm certainly thankful the composition became narrower in focus in later months, but it is still a unique performance. We also get versions of original line-up standards "The Court of the Crimson King" and "Get Thy Bearings" which were soon to be dropped from the setlist. Boz does an excellent and very faithful job with both tracks, and in fact the singing throughout is truly excellent, particularly on "The Letters". So, a very nice performance, but the sound quality prevents me from recommending this to any but the truly fanatical.