There’s a different set of rewards in listening to a run of shows rather than just one; smaller victories emerge among the larger triumphs, and we come a little closer to hearing the overall presentation more the way the performers do: a conglomerative work-in-progress, a continuing stream from one evening to the next.Since DGM so kindly offered fourteen May 1995 dates for less than the price of five (!), I regard this opening show to be in essence an appetizer which prepares us for the rest. Sound is full & clean, with the audience heard only between numbers; the mix sometimes favors Adrian’s guitar rather more than ideally, and the drums deserve more. Wobbly & even missed moments abound as late as the encore, yet the band has fire -- and the mix reveals textural things not easily noticed elsewhere. Little gems here & there: the end of "Thrak" evokes the later ProjeKcts, Fripp’s solo lights up "Matte Kudasai", the transition from "Prism" to "The Talking Drum", the intro to "Heartbeat" sounding like the intro to "Cirkus" ... If the final denouement of "Indiscipline" can’t peel paint, then I suspect nothing can.Warning: besides the overbearing synth washes in "Sleepless", Fripp could almost always be louder, which I suspect to be a deal-breaker for many. But what do you want for (in essence) free? I very much look forward to the thirteen shows to follow; I can’t imagine my neighbors have heard enough with just this one show :)3.5 stars really, with an extra half star for Adrian’s solo on LTIA2