Written by Matthew George
One of the more "lilting" blows (read: improvs) apparently NOT recorded by the group for the group
Since sometime during the Spring of 1999, upon first hearing an echoey, somewhat muddied C+ audience cassette tape recording of this performance at the old Shrine Auditorium in South L. A. on 19/6/74 (when I was actually 3 days away from turning exactly half-a-year old!), I thought to myself, what a gorgeous, almost swaying, relaxed 6-minute improv called 'The Silver Walnut' spilling out of a high-pitched eardrum-splitting guitar shriek ending to 'Easy Money', now that DGM is releasing (gradually) an archive of 'blast from the past' recordings of performances, given that this particular location holds a position so near and dear to my heart, having lived out 30 years of a troubled young adulthood in a nearby suburb (and w/KC as a go-to stress reliever for all of those years), I thought to myself, it sure would be just heavenly, and nifty, and grand, and boss, radical, cool, da bomb, awesome, real swell, groooovy man, phat, sweet..... To officially release this with any sort of improvement to the sound. And do you know what? To this day, over 20 years later, I STILL continue to think to myself, it sure would be just heavenly, and nifty, and grand...... P. S. Esp. since an improved early-generation copy of the show 100% complete has emerged since then from the deep. I lost my digital-only copy in what can only be described as a totally self-produced completely destructive tragedy about 7 years ago, and have been hoping since then that DGM might.... just possibly..... Pretty please?
Written by Scott Steele
my second show
This was the second time I saw the Crimsters. The lighting was astonishing at the end of the show (bright white lights strobing during Larks' II). It scared the crap out of me. I attended with a drummer friend who was completely shattered after the show - he was ready to quit!