An Evening Of Talking with Robert Fripp and David Singleton.

Welcome to Rams Head

Written by Ed Akehurst
Hot Date!
My wife and I decided to turn this event into a hot date. She saw KC twice and saw the documentary in the theater, and while not a die-hard fan, appreciates the Musicianship of Fripp and Co, and the attitudes of the players that approach the Music. I have been a lifelong fanatic, seeing KC as often as possible. We each got to the mikc to ask a question, and had a lovely evening. We enjoyed ourselves immensely.
Written by Steven Taylor
Only one question?!
One question hardly seems enough but a chance to listen to that awful man and his manager was well worth the price of admission. It was a fantastic opportunity to say something I’ve needed to say for a long time. Thank you, gentlemen.

Band diaries / Press reviews

13.21 Rising at 09.30 and into the day. Notes To Self  written yesterday at breakfast in Hotel Acceptable, Washington, where a flying-bastardy-thing bit me on the back of the neck three times. I The outside world is outside. It has no hold on our shared sacred space inside these walls. The liminal zone, the in-between space, is what enables the outside and the inside to come together, to permit movement from one to the other, to accommodate each other, to negotiate the space. It is neither one nor the other, And it has its own recognisable quality.   II Music is the cup which holds the Wine of Silence.Sound is that cup, but empty.Noise is that cup, but broken. The noumenal entering the phenomenal, the unconditioned entering the conditioned, the non-existing entering existence. The i...