Written by David Freshman
03 August, 2021
Music is a most Wonderful friend!! Especially in the hand of the Best band in the World!!
So, it is close to midnight on Aug. 2nd. I have just gotten home,(stopped for a bite), from King Crimson's blinder of a concert. I was most fortunate to be able to see KC very, very close as my cousin had purchased 2 VIP tickets for this concert. The last time Jer and I saw KC was Sept. 8th, 2019 at the Paramount Theatre, and before that it was June 24th, 2017 at the Bellco Theatre. First, I would like to state how brilliant the California Guitar Trio were tonight. These 3 men created amazing textures, atmospheres and other-worldly sounds. The songs were complex, with surprises coming constantly. The final song was a shock!!! I will not spoil the surprise if you see them. I would very highly suggest not coming late if you can help it. Now the King Crimson: Watching the 3 brilliant cats who comprise the front line, Pat, Jeremy and Gavin, I was moving my head back and forth to try to catch the astonishing interplay between these men. Drumsons lead to "Pictures of a City". Oxygen was needed as the intensity, heaviness and full-on beastly power of KC was let out of the cage. By the way, this happened many times throughout our concert. At the end of Pictures, the 1st of many standing ovations took place. I had the feeling that the guys in the band were really enjoying themselves. Good. I will not list all of the magic that took place. I will say that I was most happy to hear TCOL again!!!! I think it might have been the 1st time added to the setlists for this 2021 NA tour. My personal favorite, "Islands" was played!!!! I was so happy. And yes, I did shed a few tears. The band really stretched the song out. It seemed to me that it went on a good long while. A few other points: Tony's cadenza is a beautiful work of Art. Jeremy's keyboard(s) work is beyond words! From Piano, to Mellotron and other Synth sounds, he is such an integral part of this band. These were the guys who played some keyboards at one time or another: Jeremy, Jakko, Robert, Tony and possibly Pat. A finally reflection: If you have not seen King Crimson, or even if you have, PLEASE, see this band before it will be TOO LATE. Life is so short and precious. King Crimson are the very finest band in the World. They play MUSIC for US! We can do something for them: Support them, please. David Freshman
Written by J Hessel
02 August, 2021
Let me repeat Jerome's appreciation of the Ryman show, while it was his first time it was about 23 for me! After the terrific set list it was so much fun to meet so many great fans. My wife and I were sitting next to Jerome and we enjoyed speaking with him and his guest watching their great enthusiasm. There was a lot of love for King Crimson at this show, and great people from all over!
Written by Matthew Harris
02 August, 2021
Fripp in late 70s New York
An observation. In the late '70s, at a time when a number of musically adept musicians popular in the early '70s may have had contempt for the coming of the punk and postpunk players, there was Fripp in New York, among them and appreciating their less educated but nonetheless visceral approach. Another reason why I appreciate him.
Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
30 July, 2021
United States
Now I have the King Crimson 2021 Tour, just amazing, I am looking forward to the US Tour, I imagine it will be very good, friends and girls, keep the faith.
Written by Jerome
29 July, 2021
The concert in Nashville was MAGICAL !
A wonderful concert in Nashville TN yesterday evening, wonderful. It was the first time I saw KC live, a lifelong dream car true for me. And a great talk by David on the miraculously preserved Frippertronics tapes. Et merci, David, d'avoir parlé avec moi en français ;-)
Written by David Freshman
29 July, 2021
Deepest blessing to all of you!
As I wait with baited breath and joy for your show at Fiddler's Green on Monday, Aug. 2nd, I will be in the VIP section with my cousin. As time moves on, as the days become years, to be able to get a chance to see King Crimson again will be such a wonderful expericence, AGAIN!!! When I hear "Islands", (if played), I cry. When I feel the power of LTIA I, Pictures, Level V, Lark's IV, Radical Action, Meltdown and so many more, the happiness I get in my Heart is so good to feel. I'm 65, a Heart Transplant recipient and music teacher. Watching King Crimson tear into their sets with such professionalism, intensity, humor and happiness, it is such a wonderful balm to my Life/Soul. Thank you for what all of you do!!! I too wait for the Tour Box 2020, as I pre-ordered this right away. The incredible other goodies on these Tour Box sets is Fabulous!! And a hearty THANK YOU to Alex Mundy for his brilliant work in the vaults of the King. All the best and please travel and stay safe. David Freshman
Written by James Blaney
Shining A Much Needed Light During This Time of Darkness
This was my first King Crimson show ever. Although I'm 62 and have been a fan since the early 1970's the cards have never lined up for me to see them live prior to the Ryman show. The California Guitar Trio opened the show, sounded amazing, and were well received. All three are absolutely fantastic musicians and created some beautiful soundscapes. King Crimson took to the stage and my first impression was how powerful and amazing the 3 drummers playing together was. They were positioned at the front of the stage and were very impactful. Robert, Jakko, Tony, and Mel were all brilliant as well. Not having seen the band live before I can't give comparisons to versions of the songs I heard versus how they might have been performed in the past. I can say that I loved every bit of the show. Camera recording or photography was not allowed during the show and it made the whole experience better, in my opinion. Speaking strictly for myself, I was freed from the temptation to "just video this little bit", and I found myself more immersed in the music that I have been at a live show in a long time. I really applaud and thank the band for touring at a time when live music is just awakening from the long shut down. They brought me and, from the looks of my fellow concert goers at the Ryman, a lot of sorely needed joy.
Written by Marian Connel-Limer
Solid Selection with a highly entertaining performance
Going in, I hadn't expected much of the California Guitar Trio, but by the time they played their cover version of Echoes by Pink Floyd, I was entranced and ready to delve into the real meat of the set. A stable but shaky performance of Pictures Of A City led to an earthshattering Epitaph and Red, going into my favorite part of the concert, the extended introduction to Indiscipline. Seeing the drummers make faces at eachother while dueling polyrhythms drove me to near-hysterical laughter, as it did my older brother, whose prior exposure to Crim goes as far as stuff I played on the ride to the venue. After Indiscipline came a similarly stellar performance of One More Red Nightmare. All around, Mel Collins' wind contributions really tied the divergent styles of the set together. Islands was near-identical to the album version, for better or for worse, with the same crescendo at the end, though feeling emptier than on the album by way simply of not getting loud enough. When the band came back from intermission, they immediately broke into a fair rendition of TCOTCK, and then an absolutely menacing Starless, complete with the lighting darkening dramatically. It made me wish more of the show made usage of dynamic lighting, due to how effective it was here. The show's Encore, the iconic 21st Century Schizoid Man, is possibly the best performance the Jakko era has had thus far, helped by Gavin Harrison's virtuosic drum solo in the midsection. Overall, this being the first, and possibly only time I see King Crimson live in person, It was a servicable selection of tracks with great performances all around, and an acceptable outing for a band of this caliber. 8.5/10
Written by Douglas Allison
Now, you kids just go home!
As a high school junior, I was at this concert. At the time, I only had the first album, so I didn't know any of the later music. Rock concerts frequently featured multiple bands. As a result, many concerts didn't conclude until after midnight or 1:00 AM. I have memories of calling home to tell my folks the concert wasn't over yet, I'd come straight home when it was done, and yes, I'd drive carefully. The Powers That Be, worried about kids staying out (illegally) past the 11:00 curfew, passed a law that concerts had to end at 11:00. I assume this recording has been edited, because my recollection was that KC had launched into Schizoid Man when the power to the stage was cut and the house lights came up. Of course, the crowd began booing, yelling and stomping the floor and no one was going anywhere. Cleverly reading the audience, those in Authority granted permission for the band to finish their song, then everybody had to go home. The audience settled down, applauded, then KC launched into Schizoid Man again, apparently at the blistering pace heard here. I would have enjoyed hearing the stand off again, but whoever was recording at the board, facing the time constraints of cassette recording, probably hit pause until the situation was resolved. I do recall hearing the announcement at the end about trying to get the law changed and felt my frustration that I was too young to vote. Bands of that era often had lively and even outrageous stage performances. I had seen performers such as Jethro Tull, Alice Cooper, Dr. John, and later The Who. Fripp's stage presence was a stark contrast. He just sat and played guitar. My recollection is that he sat on a stool, but it's been a long time so that memory may be hazy. But his focus on just the music made an impression on my 16 year old self and I've never forgotten it. A poster found online shows that the opening acts were Sweathog, whom I don't remember, and Black Oak Arkansas, whose performance I faintly recall. Tickets were $4 in advance and $4.50 at the door. Those were the days!
Written by Jasper Smitz
Excellent collection of songs!
This is one of my favourites of Mr Stormy's collections. I find a lot of these songs preferable to their original counterparts. The Sheltering Scape is a clean and nice edit of the Sheltering Sky track and Fripp's soundscaping. The I Have A Dream featured on here is also a very nice change to the original version most of us heard at the tail-end of Larks 4. The story behind the song is also rather fascinating in my opinion. As for the Cadence and Cascade with Boz Burrell, I always had a massive soft spot for Burrell's vocals on the softer tracks, this is certainly no exception! Overall, an incredible collection that is certainly worth a listen.
Written by John Malde
"a Man, a Guitar, and two Machines" Mabuhay Gardens said the flyer on light blue paper. a few minutes before the performance Fripp strolled around the bar and shook hand with anyone who came up. He ordered a Scotch an Coffee then moved to the Stool in the middle of the room... music was quite up-lifting.
Written by vincent ronovsky
The Mincer Glitch!
Am I the only one who noticed that there is a problem (a glitch?) at the end of the track "The Mincer" on the 40th Anniversary Edition of "Starless & Bible Black"? It stops abruptly and very unpleasantly, whereas in earlier versions ('1987, Sweden, Jem Records Inc., EGCD 12', or '1988, Japan, Virgin, VJD-28004' for instance) it ended with a more comfortable fade that drove you safe and sound to the next track. I understand that in view of the approaching end of civilization, this problem may seem ridiculous, but considering the perfectionism that you have always shown by remastering the King Crimson discography, we cannot help but be surprised ... Anyway, best regards from France -my apologies for syntax and grammar errors: english is not my native language. Vincent