Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
18 October, 2020
Gordon Haskell
You gave us a good time, I carry you in my heart.
Written by Aleksandra Craine
18 October, 2020
RIP Gordon Haskell
So sad to hear about Gordon's death. The curse of the KC singer-bassist claims its last victim.
Written by Serge Girard
16 October, 2020
Is this something new? At the bottom of youtube "buy merchandise from King Crimson" Serge
Written by Robert A Wright-Stasko
16 October, 2020
Thank you for "Quiet Moments"
Please pass on a thank you to Robert Fripp for the "Music For Quiet Moments" series. It has been a source of comfort and healing in these strange times. My whole family (me, wife, 3 kids) appreciates it. Thank you.
Written by The Prog Father
15 October, 2020
You Really Got Me
Brilliant. Not just the vocals, I never thought we would see Robert playing guitar while lying on his back. He'll be playing it with his teeth next. Rock and roll!
Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
11 October, 2020
King Crimson, Congratulations, Robert, Congratulations.
Written by BobF
This should read Showbox, not Shoebox. My first KC of course 5 star. 17 years old at the time.
Written by T C DelBen
Solid Performance
This is a solid concert, but not definitive. While there is some fun to be had, one gets the sense that the band is beginning to grow weary at this stage, breaking up a year later during the "Nashville Rehearsals". The 1995 concerts I've heard feel lighter, more buoyant - though 'Coda: Marine 475' and '21st Century Schizoid Man' rip. The other THRAK songs come across well, but the 80s songs are of variable quality (Robert's harmonized clean tone can become grating outside of 'People').
Written by Alex Mundy
Missing Track
Dear Richard, This track was not from the same show. The audience sound is very different, (A more outdoor larger event, rather than the club audience of 1st Avenue Entry) and in fact it comes from another version of the Poplar Creek show.
Written by Richard Kolke
Missing a Track?
I downloaded this show (as I always do) and am very happy with the purchase (as I always am). However, I previously had a different, illicit, download of this show. And while the DGM version is slightly better audio quality, my other copy ends with The Sheltering Sky (8:12) after Heartbeat. Was this not on your copy of the tape? I'd be happy to provide you with this track if you tell me how.
Written by Sean Barnes
Very good audience recording of a great performance
This is a very good quality audience recording. Audience is enthusiastic and chatty, but not obnoxiously so. Band sounds energized and fiery. Adrian seems inspired by the audience; interacting with them on Indiscipline. Lark 3 is a definite highlight. Also the impromptu Frippertonics while Belew's amp is out is a nice surprise. Overall, this one of those very rare audience recordings I will listen to more than one. Well worth the download.
Written by Michael Flaherty
Life Changing
For me, this concert, along with a Miles Davis concert a year or so previous, changed how I approached live music, and in some ways even how I listened to music on record. They were tight and loose at the same time, fun yet serious about their task. Adrian was understandably unhappy at his technical problems, but because of it we were treated to the Frippertronics piece. The laugh you hear at the beginning was in response to Fripp pointing to his head after an audience member let out a loud yell. I will add that Adrian takes an unscheduled solo during 'Heartbeat'--it was then Robert who had lost sound. This group always responded well to club crowds (check out the recently added Toad's date from '82). I would have seen them anywhere, but I was very fortunate that they played First Avenue (the club the 'Purple Rain' music scenes were filmed at). I will admit that I have owned the bootleg of this show for quite some time, and have been surprised that it was not included as the sound is better than some from '84 that have been up for quite awhile. I thought perhaps it was because of the equipment problems. I'm glad that now everyone can hear it.