Written by Brad Wilmot
23 May, 2017
Just curious if Heroes has overdubs. The backing vocals in particular make me wonder about added voices. Are other band members than Tony singing? I personally don't have a problem with it. I just wonder. All other material by this band has been live as it was performed other than mixing the raw tracks as far as I know. Anyway, it sounds great.
Written by Geof Moody
23 May, 2017
Rolling Stone
In the interview it is mentioned there is no momentum to get in the studio, however they may record in another way. Having heard the Heroes video then I would love them to produce new music by mixing the live tapes with studio tweeks. Until the applause at the end you'd be hard pushed to say it wasn't a studio recording.
Written by Peter Beswick
22 May, 2017
I have just finished watching the Heroes Live in Berlin 2016 video. I am completely astounded the brilliant arrangement, and even better performance of the David Bowie classic, and think its one of the best performances of Heroes that I have ever heard. I cannot wait for my copy to arrive in June, which I shall play to death. On the topic of the CD, I am also happy about how reasonably priced the CD is, as are all of KC's albums and other merchandise. Thanks to DGM Live, there is finally something worth spending my pocket money on! Thank You.
Written by angelo alencar
20 May, 2017
happy birthday mr fripp // we are waiting K C in rio de janeiro !! tkx
Written by Jean Luc Michaud
18 May, 2017
Are you planning to make the shows from the fall 2015 US-Japanese tour available for downloading?
I would really like to complete my collection of KC shows in Quebec. I am looking forward to see you back in Montreal this summer as well as the StickMen. Also looking forward to buy the new KCCC live In Vienna , the setlist of that show is excellent. For more info on that topic please see for more info. Thanks
Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
17 May, 2017
William, Happy Birthday, all my Love.
Written by Mark D Gaines
Local Radio Show Interview
I was unable to attend the Peaches show, however later in the evening ( or the next as I don't have the disc in front of me) Fripp gave a fantastic 90 min interview with sa local radio station here in S Florida. Anyone interested contact me or DGM if they would like to make this an additonal download I will make it available to use.
Written by Tom Murphy
KC at Winterland
My 2nd KC show. Line-up was Steve Miller Band, KC and Dalton & Dubarri according to I was a bit more stoned and a bit more drunk and much further back than the Berkeley show. Winterland was always my favorite place to experience rock n roll. An old ice-rink B. Graham had taken over and decked out in all kinds of R&R paraphernalia. KC played a great set as usual. I remember Steve Miller Band had a great bass player who when taking a solo dug funkily into "Popeye the Sailor Man." Tom Murphy, Oakland, CA
Written by Tom Murphy
First KC Show
Great show. I remember my school chum Brian and I had 2nd row sets. Got there early after having smoked some hash. Very entertaining pre-show as we turned in our seats to observe the crowd entering the venue, trying to guess if they were here for KC or The Eagles. Crimson came on first. I vividly remember the audience being assaulted by white floods at some point. Perhaps upon entrance or the segue from Talking Drum to LTIAp2. The Eagles entered adorned in matching sequin outfits. We departed soon after a few of theirs. I have photos somewhere. Tom Murphy, Oakland, CA
Written by William Jenks
Excellent, as long as you understand what it is.
This is the first of these complications I've downloaded, and it has some real curiosity and gems. But be aware that this is what it is. For example, it's really cool to get to listen to Pat count to 11 throughout parts of LTIA IV, but I am not certain that this will automatically make it to my 'favorites' playlist to play over and over again. :-) That said, the variety is great, and all in all, I recommend it for anyone looking for rarities, curiosities, etc.
Written by Al Walton
Remembering Houston Hall 1981
With the anticipated release of the EP "Heroes " and this version of Easy Money my attention shifted to really give this cut a listen and wow am I blown away. I think back to 1981 at the # day frippertronics seminars at Univ. Of Penna. @ Houston hall where Mr. Fripp said that he kept hearing a voice say play this note and he did, this command kept repeating itself over and over again.(see notes in 1981 tour) This solo is amazing and after 10 listens I still hear something new. In my opinion this needs immediate attention for any serious crimhead. Check out the Houston Hall recordings too!
Written by Henry Benz
Robert watches Adrian; Adrian watches Robert
I had only learned about KC and Robert in the year before the show, and was excited to see the musician behind the magic that I'd missed out hearing when it was fresh and new, all of 6-12 years previous, at an age when that seemed like a VERY long time. I think I only heard about the opener when I got there, but recognized Adrian's name from long scrutiny of the first Zappa album that I'd bought. Gaga's lineup doubled Adrian - he was the drummer, via tape. I remember that Robert came out to watch Adrian and Gaga. Later, Adrian came out to watch Robert and LoG. We were a serious audience, sitting on the floor, and we were flabbergasted when Robert insisted "This is a dance band. Stand up and Dance!". I remember loving the energy of both bands - very frantic energy from LoG with Barry's organ and the fast picking. Still a favorite memory!