Written by Gregory H Guillot
21 May, 2019
Missing Fripp Soundscapes Show from "Tour Dates" Section of the Site
One of the best Soundscapes shows I've ever seen appears to be missing from DGMLive's "Tour Dates" page, and I'm hoping that bringing this to your attention will help correct that! Specifically, on September 6, 1995, Robert played Soundscapes at Gaston Hall on Georgetown University's campus in Washington, DC. It was billed as a solo Soundscapes performance, and that's what it says on the ticket stub I still have, but my recollection is that he also had the California Guitar Trio and Los Gauchos Alemanes with him, and they took turns playing. It was one of the best musical experiences I've ever had -- the Soundscapes sounded really great in Gaston Hall, which is an old, church-like auditorium, built in 1901, and they were in surround sound too. Yet, while DGM's tour dates schedule shows Robert playing Soundscapes in New York on September 8 and 9, it skips this show from September 6 in neighboring DC for some reason. Because I enjoyed the show so much, I just thought I'd bring it to your attention! I'd be happy to provide my ticket stub to evidence (and illustrate) this performance if needed, though it has suffered from a little water damage over the years!
Written by Debbie Payne
19 May, 2019
An odd question...
This is something that I’ve been wondering about for a while - Why is the title track of the Level Five EP in mono? All the other tracks are in stereo.
Written by Brian Butler
18 May, 2019
How do I contact King Crimson or Robert Fripp? I wish to beg and plead to for them to include Australia on the 2019 tour. I have had the great pleasure of attending the Crimson Project show in Adelaide when they toured,the nearest I have been, and it seems ever will be, to a King Crimson performance. As supurb as this was it was not King Crimson. What have we done in Australia to so offend the band that they have never, in 50 years, ever played in Australia? Since first hearing "Starless And Bible Black" in 1975 I have been a devout fan of King Crimson and have enjoyed every piece of music they have ever recorded. I am not the only, record buying, fan in Australia and I know that there would be very many people that would be so very, very, greatful for the oportunity to witness King Crimson in the flesh. That is why I write this, to ask Mr. Fripp to please include Australia on the 2019 tour, please, at least once come and visit our country and bless us with you magnificent music. Regards, Brian Butler
Written by Daniel Bukszpan
17 May, 2019
Yet again: When will Club 48 be released digitally?
I haven't gotten a response to the question, "When will Club 48 be released digitally?" Any news on that front? I can't be the only person who will snap it up the second it's available.
Written by Chris Mann
17 May, 2019
'Larks Tongue' box set re-release
Hi Alex, I hope this message finds you well. Firstly, I would like to thank yourself and the DGM/Crimson team for a beautifully planned 50th Anniversary campaign. Secondly, will the recently discovered 'Newcastle 1972' show be included in the re-released 'Larks Tongue' box in June? I appreciate that might not be possible due to possible rewrites of the Larks book and available space in the box but it would a fantastic addition to an already great set. Best Christophe'
Written by Dennis Cappuccilli
16 May, 2019
Happy Birthday RF
Many people influence our lives and shape who we become when we are young. Those closest to us play a giant role in that; family, friends, teachers, instructors, coaches etc., but so do our personal heroes and villains. The single greatest personal hero of my life, Robert Fripp, turns 73 today. I can think of no other person, save my immediate family, who has had a greater impact on my life. Many important decisions that I made as a young man were shaped by Fripp’s influence - from picking up a guitar to attending college as a classical guitar major, from studying audio engineering to tutelage under one of his former pupils, from the idea that theory is just theory and is no more than a flimsy compass - not a concrete guide, to the idea of not letting daily constraints stop you from reaching your full potential. Discipline isn’t just a song and an album that he wrote but a lifestyle... if you can hack it. All hail the Crimson King!
Written by Gregory H Guillot
One of the Best
I've seen King Crimson 22 times between November 13, 1981 and 2018, and each show has been special in some way. But this was one of the best, and still remains my second-favorite of all those I have seen. Two friends and I attended the June 30, 1995 show at the Wiltern, and we really enjoyed it -- on that night, it seemed inconceivable that the band could possibly play better. Yet, this next night's show, which we also attended, was absolutely magical, and by the time the last notes of "Walking on Air" closed the evening, we were all in tears, and couldn't believe the effect it had on us. Moreover, the quality of this recording is fantastic. I was thrilled when it was released as KCCC 31 in 2005, and it remains one of my most highly valued live King Crimson recordings. Strongly recommended as one of the very best live recordings by the Double Trio!
Written by Steve Dinsdale
A very good listen indeed. Sparkling quality.
This is purportedly from an audience c-120 master which has never been circulated. The person responsible must have had a very decent recorder; as audience tapes go this is really nice. There is plenty of top end detail on cymbals and drums, and Mel and Robert's solos are clear and crisp. Musically, they are both on excellent form. A great recording of an entire, near two hour gig with highlights has a `hall' sound, but in this case it adds to the authenticity and atmosphere whilst retaining the detail. Really good stuff. This tour was a good one !
Written by Bob Ramstad
Previously released as CLUB 03 i.e. King Crimson Collectors Club 3
Previously released as CLUB 03 i.e. King Crimson Collectors Club 3. If you have that, you don't need this.
Written by Bernd Wollenweber
This is an outstanding album
In the wake of Poseidon is one of the KC classic songs, cadence and cascade is a beautiful ballad sung by Greg Lake as an extra-track. What a loss that Greg left us.
Written by Bernd Wollenweber
Album Extravaganza
I bought this album in 1994 and I didn´t like it. For me it was the weakest KC album. The 40th anniversary edition reached my collection this year. And what, I really enjoy this version very much. The sound is superb and the music very extravaganza. Mr. Wilson had done a fine job. Especially "Islands" is so beautiful. Love this album now.
Written by Robert A Wright-Stasko
One of the Best Boots to Buy
This might sound a little boomy because of the venue, but it is very clear and much better than some of the other audience recordings of this era available from DGM. It definitely has the best sounding, pre-2017, live version of the song Islands, of which there are only a few live recordings. I feels to me that there is an excitement in the music, as if the band were pleased and proud to present this new material. Circus is a little slow going, but the energy picks up in the mid section and carries them (and us) along till the end. If you have the Sailors' Tales box, get this show, burn it to a couple CDs, and store them in the box with the rest of this KC's fine work.