Written by Bill Middlemiss
19 June, 2018
Tuning, Mixing
I recently heard the CD of the 2016 Chicago show, and was reminded of the remarkably coherent and highly diverse selection of instrument timbres. What a challenge it must be mixing 3 drummers, each having his own place in the mix and sounding cohesive as an ensemble. In Boston last year, the care was immediately apparent (though the Orpheum becomes very loud very quick.)
Written by Francisco Almeida
18 June, 2018
As a veeeerry loooong time King Crimson I would like to know if they are any plans to play here.
Written by Dan Anderson
18 June, 2018
2018 tickles?
Are there going to be any downloads from the 2018 tour like there have been for the past tours?

Alex Mundy replied:

Dear Dan, Once the tour has settled down a bit, I'm hoping we will get some tracks sorted. With the band travelling by bus between venues and travelling a lot of miles (Km), it will take some sorting out by our hero front of house sound man, Chris Porter getting the audio to Jakko to take a listen to the shows for choices. Best Alex
Written by Alan Pierce
18 June, 2018
Re: Dynamic price
Firstly, I never wrote that comment because I was bitter with the fact that I had to buy it again. I'm glad to support the DGM team and the band. I don't mind buying them again at all, just thought it could be an interesting idea. I remember it was one of our duties as a 1000 club member to let the team know of these idea of ours, however absurd it may sound to you guys because we just don't really know how much work is being done behind the scenes! I really appreciate what you and the team is doing for us. Please don't think we undervalue the work you put in preparing the shows! We know we are lucky to have you guys. You always have my gratitude.
Written by Nil Rovira
18 June, 2018
Future touring
Reading RF's latest diary entrance, I thought it was interesting to ee how a political event like Brexit has many repercussions that affect people in many parts of the world. But also, as someone living in Europe, I thought it was sad that, because of that, it has become more difficult for KC to operate in this region, to a point that it is better to avoid touring there. From what I'm seeing/reading, it looks like the band is in top shape; I wish it was easier for me to see them live...
Written by Michael Flaherty
16 June, 2018
NYC Soundscapes
I was very happy to see the official release of the rest of the New York 2000 Soundscapes, as I rate those among the best Robert has done. I would love to see the rest of the performances from the '00s that remain unreleased be made available soon (there aren't that many). Of course, more '90s performances are also welcome. Also, a few years back the remaining members of Slow Music reunited for a night in Portland. I don't know how many of us purchased the original tour, but I suspect most of us would be very interested in hearing that one. It may even introduce some new listeners to that often overlooked band.
Written by Piotr WIƚNIEWSKI
Poznan Shows
David Singleton said (during the meeting before the second show) that usually the second show on the tour is better than the first one. It works, it's true ! The first concert was very good but the second one was superb ! Incredibly beautiful Islands (...tears in my eyes..), fantastic Discipline then Indiscipline - I like it !! - polish version for Jakko - podohba mee shen :)) Thank you very much Crims for two memorable entertainment events in these ...Uncertain Times. All the best for the rest of tour !! Piotr
Written by Fabio Palmieri
Almost 4 years of Crimsonising condensed in 8 minutes. The seeds of what was to come are already there. Need I say more?
Written by Jeffrey Sontag
Incendiary peforance, C+ audio
One of the more dodgy recordings, but the band is hot. Could the Holdsworth reference be aimed at Bill, referring to U.K.?
Written by Arend
Soooo wonderful... !
Sooo wonderful and peaceful ! . Thank you very much for this !
Written by Gustavo Ernesto
Simply one of the very best versions of Lady of The Dancing Water
Written by Benoît Carmichael
Hot night in Hamburg
This is a beautify recording for a bootleg. No doubt, the beast was on top of its game. My suggestion: Sit down, have a pint and enjoy this hot night in Hamburg when we were young.