Written by gasmrv
17 July, 2019
RE: A Blessing Of Tears
Dear Richard Adams, thank you for your post. I got 'A Blessing Of Tears' when it was released. I went through a very difficult period in my life a year or so after I got the album. During that time, that album provided me with may more than mere listening 'pleasure'...(healing) tears were shed more than once. That music reached deep down and I've always been grateful for this. After reading your post I played the whole album, which I hadn't heard in a very long time, and I can see now, once again, why this music can have such a healing affect. Soundscapes have always been an area of music I tend to visit on special occasions. Thank you again for making me re-visit some of the truest music I've ever heard.
Written by Gustavo Ernesto
17 July, 2019
Downloads from the LPs
I just recieved my copies of my 4 favorite albums (Discipline, Court, Larks and Red) but I find no code whatsoever for the digital copies. What do I need to do to get them?

Alex Mundy replied:

Dear Gustavo, Codes are no longer supplied with the vinyl for all repressings and new releases.
Written by Richard Adams
16 July, 2019
A blessing of tears
Just a few weeks ago my father was diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer. At 9.15 Monday night, after some very difficult days and nights, as we held his hands, my mother told him we all loved him and suggested it was time to sleep. For once in his life he did as he was told and he is now at peace. I find I cannot sleep tonight and the only thing that’s holding me together at the moment is Robert Fripp’s beautiful soundscapes. A Blessing Of Tears is flowing through my earphones and the tears are flowing from eyes as I remember a wonderful man. Thank you Robert for this music from heaven. My father will always be with me but I shall miss him terribly.
Written by LVFranco
15 July, 2019
El del pasado sábado en Barcelona era mi tercer encuentro en directo con KC, no esperaba tanto de esta última cita, habían pasado muchos años, todo evoluciona (como el propio grupo). Mis dudas se disiparon desde el primer toque de baqueta, fue fantástico, un ejemplo de que la calidad sostiene la vigencia de los trabajos a lo largo del tiempo, incluso acrecentándola. Si además se añade la profesionalidad y la sobriedad de la puesta en escena, de los músicos... Solo excelente música reinterpretada magníficamente. El alarde de las tres baterías se integra en un todo magnífico. Gracias KC, ¡especialmente gracias Robert Fripp! INIGUALABLE
Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
15 July, 2019
The Mojo Anthology
A wonderful, excellent work, I like to listen to it repeatedly, I love it, thanks Robert, thank you King Crimson, greetings friends.
Written by Marco Zanetti
14 July, 2019
A quid pro quo on quid pro quo
Hello everybody, I'd just like to point out a mistake in the italian translation of the "no photos please" speech at the beginning of the show. When Robert says "Tony would like to take pictures of you and - as a quid pro quo - if you would like to take photos of the band..." it's been translated as it is, using the same "Quid pro quo" latin quote. The problem is that in Italian you don't use "quid pro quo" in order to say "give something to have something back" (you use "do ut des" for that) but you use "quid pro quo" meaning that there was a misunderstanding. Therefore, when the italian audience hears the translation of the speech at the beginning of the concert what's been heard is something like "Tony would like to take pictures of you and - as there's been a misunderstanding - if you would like to take photos of the band..." What happens is that many audients don't listen carefully to the second part of the sentence because they're thinking "ok, so where's the misunderstanding?" This is explaned here much better than how I could: I hope this helps for the future. Cheers and happy touring! :-)
Written by ALLAN G OKADA
This song when I first witnessed them perform it, caused me to lose my mind. It was so damn good. In my wildest dreams, I never expected to ever hear anything from this largely unheralded masterpiece from 1970, and yet there it was. This is a fine representation of what I've witnessed. It does however scream for the conclusion...Prince Rupert's Lament. The inseparable conclusion to this glorious madness.
Great night
Going to court by the Crimson Kings. Through the narrow passages in the damp stone, which from the outside, they carry you in the central basin, you know that tonight you will face an untamed team. in 50 years, he has dispensed musical gems. It has not been overwhelmed by time, on the contrary it has regenerated itself to the various springs, which it has found on its way, has weaned new leaders. Today in ancient scenarios, testimony of great empires, where hatreds and shouts are mixed, the King traces his deeds, and tells of the heartbeat on the ancestral rhythm of the drums. Life and death, in the end the King is naked. LONG LIVE THE KING
Written by Alex Mundy
Greatest show but...
Dear Andreas, Here is a reply from the man himself, Pat Mastelotto "FYI I didn’t have a problem with my electronics… It was my In Ear Monitors… they were kaput , you possibly saw the crew giving me other headphones / I played OMRN without any monitors listening to the front of house. -We had a problem last week at Sound Check and they switched out the mixer that sits near me and my hunch is that that is corrupted."
Written by Kevin Shelton
This Is The One For Me (45 Years Ago Today)
I've made no secret of the fact that, for me, King Crimson reached its apex of live performance and inventive creativity during the last seven days of June and July 1,1974; that the band somehow tapped collectively into the Great (or Large) Accumulator and embodied superhuman energies. Of course, opinions differ: Some favor Asbury Park; others, the great mystical night of July 1. To me, the best overall gig this band played during that period took place in the old-fashioned, cushioned Rococo surroundings of the vintage Palace Theater. All the pieces that are "written to be played" sparkle, and they culminate in the greatest spontaneous composition the band ever produced, the magisterial and mind-boggling "Voyage to the Centre of the Cosmos (My Mate Atman)". Get this in some form, and don't hesitate. This isn't just King Crimson every bit as powerful as it ever was, but King Crimson more powerful than ever.
Written by Kevin Shelton
Less A Review Than A Question
"With ZZ Top opening the show and Golden Earring headlining". I am confused. Wasn't it ZZ Top headlining and Golden Earring opening? It really doesn't make sense for ZZ Top's roadies to pull the plug unless they wanted KC off the stage so that their band could go on. Unless their just couldn't take any more high-pitched models guitar-violin duetting? I wish that Tex and the boys had fed the ZZ Top jackasses their fuzz boxes, by the way. What an asinine maneuver.
Written by Andreas Botsch
Greatest show but...
I saw KC performing open air for the first time and must say the experience was really worth while compared to, say, Admiralspalat in previous years! This regards both the fantastic sound in the court of Zitadelle (Tony's bass a real delight!) and the atmospherics. The visible but not audible problems with Pat's electronic material (was it the wireless earphones?) could probably have also occurred in a hall. The setlist was as one could expect having scanned Tony's photo gallery from previous concerts in the 2019 Celebration tour. A very good performance of OMRN, though in replacement of RED debatable still. And RED was the piece that was missing open air. The bad news though was that the show started - UNANNOUNCED - 30 minutes earlier and masses of people were still rolling in when the band was already performing the third piece! Really ANNOYING. No warning by email from the ticket sellers or anyone else whosoever. Lucky us who had arrived shortly after 7.30, when the drumming trio performed their first piece.