Written by Michael Heisler
19 February, 2018
Dec 2015 shows
Now that Live in Vienna is being released to the West with a completely different disc 3…any chance of some (or all) of those shows from Dec 2015 becoming downloadable here? The Japanese disc is so highly priced everywhere, I'm wondering if it was even released in Japan…
Written by Andrew Mather
19 February, 2018
....enough already?...But no!...another KC album revealed today...
Here comes Vienna! Given that the 7 year time lag for the appreciation period of KC material is a matter of record and experience thanks for setting another period of time as an aim to achieve another plateaux of realization. Time is indeed an illusion and the KC way of doing things seem to prove that with it's music that seems to transcend the normal. I find the 'pop' music of the 1960's fascinating but my only major contact with it is the BBC's Brian Matthew & now Tony Blackburn on Sounds Sixties BBCRadio2. However I was a child of the late 50's and through the1960's. What's amazing to me though is how all that stuff could have led to the music of KC. How a sound and an endeavour that touches me so profoundly and others, especially in this forum, continues to astonish is a credit to those who produce, cultivate and encourage KC. Thanks for letting me wax lyrical and vent some energy for what else is to come.
Written by Brad Wilmot
18 February, 2018
Level 5 video
Just finished enjoying the video of Level 5 that popped up on Facebook. Please tell me this is a taste from an upcoming release along the lines of the Radical Action set. Would love to see a 5.1 video set that includes all the material that was added on the last two tours. Thanks for all you do. I would also like to see some tour bundles of the new era KC. I am a member of the 1000 club but have a hard time finding material to download having purchased all the box sets. Still glad to be a member to support, in my own small way, the existence of my favorite band. How about putting Vienna up for download soon. Thanks again.
Written by Ernest Otavo
12 February, 2018
California Guitar Trio
I had the opportunity to watch in concert the California Guitar Trio this weekend in Miami (actually a suburb called Cutler Bay), and they were fantastic.. After the show got a chance to meet, talk, and take pictures with them. They were very generous with their time. I even had them sign my Thrak tour book (for those who don't know, they had a small spread in the tour book). The show was an amazing mix of classical, surf music, and other surprising gems, hint hint Queen & Radiohead. Just absolutely brilliant!!! Do yourself a favor and a treat...go see and support them!!! Ernest
Written by Emory Anderson
12 February, 2018
music is the wine that fills the cup of silence
I can do better than that mangling. How about... "Music is the brine that fills the cup of silence."
Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
05 February, 2018
Lark's 4
The construkction of light, is excellent, lark's 4 is a work beautiful, excellent, as always King Crimson: Great.
Written by Luis Diaz
I was there, world premier of KC 2x3.....i am still speechless, gracias DGM!
Written by William Jenks
"Great Sound" must be taken in context...
This is a very good performance and one definitely worth hearing for fans of this group and those who are frustrated at the relatively sparse number of good live recordings. That said, listeners should expect "A little better than 3 stars" sound, rather than "Not quite 5 stars." There is no mistaking this for anything but an audience recording, however valiantly it's been cleaned up. For me, it's a worthy historic artifact that's worth hearing, rather than something I imagine putting on because I want to hear it again and again...but again, that's because of the sound, not the performance. Thanks to the powers that be for making it available!
Written by Andrea RASCHER
Correct Venue
Hi The correct venue title is Palazzo dello Sport Reggio Emilia All the best and keep on the great Project Andrea
Written by Steven Nathan
Stunningly Good
Truly eye-opening performance. This jumped up to one of my favorite downloads in no time. Sound and songs are excellent and, for the time period, amazing to hear such a truly amazing show. Glad I stumbled onto this and highly recommend this to all fans.
Written by Erik Osterling
Fantastic Performance
Muir really shines in what is most likely the highest quality recording of his time in the band, Exiles is absolutely outstanding featuring incredibly emotional vocals and great performances all around, definitely one of the greatest version of Exiles out there. Larks' Part One is still an early version without the coda, though that does nothing to lessen the impact of the performance featuring erratic and ever-changing percussion from Muir, excellent as always guitar work from Fripp, solid drumming and bass from Bruford and Wetton, Cross's Violin is competent throughout and replaces the Coda together with some bird whistles from Muir. Overall an excellent version of Part One. The 28 minute improv "The Rich Tapestry Of Life" is an interesting performance featuring high energy parts while still showing calmer sides as well. The Crim Gang pulls out all tools at their disposal with Muir's trademark wild percussion and Cross playing both Mellotron and Violin, which he at one points starts plucking. A great look into the longer dynamic improvs from the Muir days. Overall one of the highest quality recordings of the Larks lineup and a great start for anyone interested in delving deeper into that era. Highly recommend.
Written by Rex Fermier
Starless C-HELLO!
Thanks, Mr. Stormy! I think I've located my new ring tone!