Written by Barry Briscoe
12 December, 2018
Feedback to Feedback...
Having witnessed the exact same shows in 2015 and 2018, I have to echo Andrew Mather's comments on the Manchester and Liverpool shows. I'm glad I was far from alone in my feelings about the Radical suite in Manchester which on reflection was probably the most powerful performance of rock music I've ever experienced live. It completely floored me, leaving me breathless by it's sheer force and intensity. It was as well received as all the classic numbers which says a lot about this eight headed beast and its audience as traditionally when bands/acts perform newer material in career spanning shows, it tends to be the spot where audience interest is at it's lowest. Following that suite with Islands was pure Crimson, a complete contrast which worked beautifully and I sure wasn't expecting them to follow that with Indiscipline, a stunning way to close the first set. That provided the biggest jolt in the show for me... though I knew the whole band would crash in following the amazing and comical Drumson opening, when they did, I jumped in my seat in shock and went completely nuts for the remainder of the song, loving every moment! I also agree that ITCOTCK now truly shines with the addition of the coda! Liverpool now on reflection is odd for me. Thankfully I write a journal (a discipline I developed thanks in part to Robert Fripp keeping and sharing his own diary) so did capture all my immediate thoughts 2 hours following the show and I'm glad I did because for some peculiar reason, my actual memory of that show is almost blank because I believe I was transported somewhere else at that show. I'm not sure where, and I'm not gonna question it either but it certainly had a very powerful and joyful effect upon me. I also enjoyed meeting Iona and David, lovely graceful people who care passionately about the band and the fans. I can't make it to the Royal Albert Hall shows next year but if these were my last encounters with the beast in person, I sure ain't gonna complain as the four experiences I have had have proved themselves to be memorable life changing events as I'm still resonating from the recent encounters. I could write a very long essay about how I believe these shows marked turning points in my life as there followed changes in my life that have been rather dramatic in a positive way but that's for another time and place...
Written by Matthew Gaetjens
11 December, 2018
It’s good to see that ‘the possibilities for touring Australia’ are at least being looked into… (Seeing KC in Japan was an amazing experience, but also quite logistically & financially challenging from here)
Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
11 December, 2018
I just learned that King Crimson comes to Argentina, and I started to cry, thanks Robert for always remembering Argentina as a place where you always come to present your new things, without words, Thanks Robert, Thank you King Crimson, all my love.
Written by David F Snyder
11 December, 2018
LoG tour bundle revisit?
I missed the LoG tour bundle download (it was posted about 4 years ago). Any chance that can be made available again?

Alex Mundy replied:

Dear David, In fact you haven't missed the bundle, it's not been put up yet. It's the US tour section from summer 1980. This audio has been mastered ready to go. The show notes haven't been written as yet, so this will probably be in the new year sometime. I think, if my memory serves me, there are 33 shows in total. I really enjoyed listening to the subtle differences between the shows, I would have loved to see this band. Best Alex
Written by Andrew Mather
11 December, 2018
A Courtier's Feedback - 2018
Here is my take on two hot party nights ; King Crimson Nov 9 & 10 Manchester & Liverpool Courtiers Package&Rear Circle Live dates around the UK have been in short supply until 2018 by this superlative band. This manifestation emerging in 2014 with a new twist in 2018 has become an 8 headed beast. Rieflen’s fairy dusting embellishes and enhances, whilst Stacey’s piano playing adds key sounds to established classics in the Crimson canon. The Radical Suite in Manchester, part of the first set ahead of the intermission was outstanding in its brutal intensity. A soundtrack to scary and uncertain times for sure. Larks’ Pt II in Liverpool was a joyous highlight and the Coda to In The Court of The Crimson King played both nights illustrated how every night is not the same. Hearing Cadence & Cascade and Moonchild really is spine tingling as they evoke a different era. However the unrestrained energy of this bands combined talents has moved it to a different place making the sound and mood edgy and dangerous. Mellotron menacingly resounds during Cirkus and Lizard Suite, classic Fripptones solo on Prince Rupert’s Lament and during Bolero we suddenly encounter goodtime jazz?. The tremendous control to play complex rock music is now exhibiting the stress required to take us into new territory. Considering Crimso’s history this is not new but to hear it live on stage is staggering. To see Fripp so happy in Manchester and Tony Levin so comfortable is a true tonic. The music has taken control of this incarnation and to see 21st Century Schizoid Man played on both nights with such venom and force was tremendous. It was great to meet Iona S, if only briefly, and to be warmly greeted. The goody bag was indeed a goody. On the Saturday is was also nice to notice David S bobbing about in the Circle. A nice selection of T-shirts was also available including a darkened version of the Schizoid Man to which temptation I now wish I had succumbed. Seeing the band from 2 differing levels in two different theaters was yet another pleasure. That makes a hat-trick of 2 consecutive nights of KC live hot dated since 2015 in the UK. Miracles do happen.
Written by Andy Heynemann
11 December, 2018
KC downunder
Thanks Alex, Hopefully it may happen one day, it would be a dream come true, as travelling overseas to see KC is just not possible for me. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Written by Yoshihide Nakamura
Still Progressing
Before the concert, I participated the Royal Package. I have seen Mr. Robert Fripp, Mr. Mel Collins, and Mr. Singleton. They were very friendly and true gentlemen! Maybe because only one night was permitted for Sendai city, the play list was the best. The sequence of Radical action I, Meltdown, and RA II was amazingly powerful. I also impressed with legendary songs including Red, Starless, and Moonchild. The band is still progressing.
Written by Art Campo
It was Inevitable
Beautiful...... just beautiful. This band is the culmination of a long and illustrious career.
Written by Mark Hassett
Swirling and Intense
The reworking of "Puppets" is visceral. Mel's Bari and the 'tron brass, o along with the "Mr. Kite-like" cadenzas rising and falling make this (in my opinion), the best, complete version. Satisfying.
Written by Kosuke Ishikawa
Amazing spectacle!
I was rapt in "Starless" lightened in crimson red that night. Thank you very much for coming in Hokkaido. We were happy to welcome you at the new theater "hitaru" in Sapporo. Looking forward to you coming back again!
Written by James
Impossible dream realised
As an Australian fan for many years, the chance to see JC seemed impossible. But a settled lineup, within reach of Oz - I went. And thanks to local peculiarity the Royal Package was go! RP was delightful DS, TL and RF all attended, all delightful and approachable. The show? Act 1 was more intense with ‘newer’ work mixed with Lizard(!). Act 2 was a cavalcade if unparalleled musicianship ended by the ultimate end song, Larks Tongues 2. Encore of Starless. Amazingly amazing - go. My friend got a bank loan to come, loved it so much he stayed for a second show. Do it. If you are a Crimso go - whatever it takes, wherever you are, if you ‘get’ KC you must go, because eventually it will end, and we will see nothing like it again.
Written by Ralf Kestel
Best concerts since Peter Gabriel s so
I‘ve been to Stuttgart, Vienna und München within the last 3 years and would like to be in Leipzig too