Written by Owen Keenan
23 June, 2017
The missing download...
Hi guys, not to complain as you have been overly generous with these, but the OCD gimboid in me was wondering if there are plans to share a tickle from Originally DGM announced a free download from each show on the 2016 Euro Tour, and this is the only show not represented. It's a bit like a 3000 piece jigsaw with only 2999 pieces in my mixed up world. Cheers!
22 June, 2017
Travis and Fripp (and the future of Soundscapes...)
Really looking forward to the bundle. I adore the Soundscapes in general, and the collaborations in particular, including T&F, the album with Jeffrey Fayman, and David Cross's wonderful mashup of Starless. As such, I'm wondering if there are any other not-yet-released gems that DGM may put out, or if Robert Fripp has expressed any interest into returning to Soundscapes touring after the current King Crimson tours finally complete.
Written by Graham Robinson
22 June, 2017
A Small Request
In case further improvements to the website are still a possibility, could I put in a small request for the navigation arrows on Diary entries to be duplicated at the *bottom* of the page. There's something unnatural about reading the page, and then having to scroll back to the top in order to access the next entry. Cheers, Graham
Written by Robert Maiolo
22 June, 2017
Greek Theatre
I saw you all tonight (did you see me? I was the one waving!) I felt as if you all were playing like there was no it was the end of the world. Thanks for giving it your all!
Written by Brad Wilmot
21 June, 2017
Streaming the King
(I posted most of this earlier but my phone had a glitch and not sure if it went out. If you get both, pick one.)Just want to tell Chris Appleby that Radical Action and the Heroes ep are available on every free platform I have looked at since DGM announced they were on Spotify. You might also search the Crimson Project. They were available on Google music when there was no other King Crimson. Get well.
Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
21 June, 2017
King Crimson
Mr. Fripp, if you come to Buenos Aires, I would like to listen to King Crimson in Broadway theater as in 1994, the sound of the theater is excellent, Robert a big hug, I love you.
Written by Roger Carlson
Best yet!
My 3rd concert of this tour, and the best yet. The band seemed to be really cohesive, everyone having a good night, and the audience and band were having a great time. There was a lot of mid-song applause for solos, much more than on other nights. Pictures of a City, and Easy Money were the best I've ever heard. The drums and Tony were incredible on Indiscipline. Mel was so much fun to listen to, and added so much to so many songs, I'm not sure I can imagine crimson without Mel anymore. He was working on something in the middle of Larks, and it didn't quite work out, and he and the whole crowd laughed. I've never laughed during Larks before... such a great moment. And Gavin's drum solo during Schizoid Man, it does not get any better than that.
Written by Mitchell Lawson
I felt the presence of the Crimson King
Some great surprises in the setlist tonight, made me glad I avoided spoilers. As my first ever King Crimson concert I was disappointed in the crowd (lots of people talking, moving around, or just generally being distracting during the songs) but AMAZED by the band. The second set in particular was fantastic. The amazing rendition of Easy Money into Indiscipline (wow, what a surprise), Meltdown, Radical 2 and Level Five was sublime.
Written by Robert Maiolo
It was only my second time seeing KC, the first being at the Orpheum in 2014. I was excited to see them at the Greek Theatre having just been there a month before and knew they had great sound there. They played their hearts there was no it was the end of the world. There seemed to be moments of small technical glitches, but it barely deterred us, including the band from having a great time! Islands was emotionally overwhelming. Starless left me breathless. Neurotica and Indiscipline were great surprises! And Easy Money...never heard a better rendition.
Written by Bruno Segovia
My first concert! :)
Simply spectacular. No album could have prepared me for what I witnessed tonight. In my fifteen years on this planet, I have never seen or experienced anything like this. I will remember this for the rest of my life! PS: I think Mr. Fripp made eye contact with and nodded at me twice! I was probably quite the unusual sight there, being by far the youngest attendee.
Written by Christopher J Martin
A Week Later now, i am still buzzing about this amazing show!
This is THE show to see in 2017, bar none. Had not seen KC since Three of a Perfect Pair Tour at the Berkeley Greek in the 80's...this show was over the top gorgeous, epic and visceral. Still amazed.
Written by Barry Briscoe
Great Footage
For decades, this was one of those elusive Crimson "holy grails" - the fact this temporal line up appeared on the UK's biggest pop show "Top Of The Pops" was mindboggling and as wonderful a song "Cat Food" is, it was clearly a strange song to be featured on the show. Unfortunately as is now well known, the BBC wiped 90% of their 1964-1975 TOTP archive and this show was one of them, hence like the half hour Giles, Giles and Fripp showcase on BBC2's "Colour Me Pop" was a curious piece of Crimson history thought lost forevermore. However, what ended up being overlooked was the fact during this era, the BBC and ZDF in Germany were collaborating on various projects and one pop show was licensing seemingly random performances from TOTP. A couple of years ago, those shows were unearthed and repeated and buried in there was a black and white copy (the original BBC broadcast was in colour) of this legendary performance with an inane intro link and the final part of the song chopped off, but we could finally see the bulk of it, a priceless snapshot made all the more so by the scarcity of footage of Crimson between 1969 and 1971 as like many bands of the era, they shunned TV exposure. The jury is still out on whether or not Greg Lake sang a live vocal on top of a mix of the single version. TOTP practice at that time - thanks to strict Musicians Union rules - demanded that live vocals be sung on top of pre-recorded tracks or to a live rendition performed by the infamous TOTP orchestra - the mere thought of that orchestra "playing" this song and the band miming to that is truly comical given the way the orchestra mangled many songs. It's strange to think that millions of viewers (average viewing rates for the show at the time around 15 million) were watching a bunch of musicians that would never tour or perform again. Not that this prime time exposure helped at all as the single failed to sell in any decent numbers! A great strange song in a strange unlikely envrionment with Keith Tippett looking very youthful unleashed upon the public playing as only he can and the Giles brothers looking somewhat bemused by it all. Fripp is amusing to watch with his strange antics during his solo. But, after 40 odd years presumed lost, never to be seen again, we can enjoy this strange brief moment of Crimson history!