Written by Emory Anderson
20 September, 2018
Jakko the Star!
"Lately, I've been listening to quite a lot of live KC from the last couple tours. I'm moved to write that Jakko is probably the best singer these songs have ever had. He is not just a very good singer, he puts the music/song first, not himself..." Sadly, it's easy for fans of Belew-era Crimsons to overlook Jakko precisely because of this. I think many traditional rock audiences are now thoroughly Pavlov'd into focusing on "the singer" as being the focal point of attention, and "lead" singers seem to comprehend that this is their role. But Jakko uses his voice like all the other Crimsonian members use their instruments: one more tool to bring the music and, hopefully, bring the Music down as well. I think it's also worth nodding kudos over to Fripp also, who clearly recognized this in Jakko and viewed this as essential to the subsequent iteration of King Crimson. It really goes against the grain of how rock bands are "supposed to" work.
Written by Conner Hammett
19 September, 2018
Beacon 2001
I'm a little confused by the news item announcing the free Beacon download, which says the show "will later be incorporated to the tour bundle so grab it while you can." Isn't the show already available in a tour bundle? Or is there another, extra-large bundle encompassing all 2001 shows forthcoming? Thanks!

Alex Mundy replied:

Dear Conner, The Beacon show on the 14th Dec, was never in the tour bundle, as I was unable to find the board recording of it at the time the bundle was created. Although it is now included in the list of shows for that bundle, it is FREE, for now. This is to allow those that may have bought the bundle to add it to their downloads, it also gives other people the opportunity to have a listen to this show, who may well then take the plunge and purchase the whole tour if they like what they hear, or not. No larger tour bundle is being made available of this period, it will, as always be split into territories. Best Alex
Written by William J Duhigg
18 September, 2018
The Star
Lately, I've been listening to quite a lot of live KC from the last couple tours. I'm moved to write that Jakko is probably the best singer these songs have ever had. He is not just a very good singer, he puts the music/song first, not himself. These current 7- or 8-headed line-ups seem ego-less: the star on stage is the music. A very refreshing concept, and unfortunately very rare.
Written by Bill R
18 September, 2018
Thanks for the Tunes.
Thanks for the Tour Tickles and the 2001 NY gig download, fantastic and very much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you on the coming tour and looking forward to the Meltdown Live Box finally arriving, hope the problems with the blu-ray are sorted out soon. Best Regards.
Written by Jeremy Keens
18 September, 2018
Thanks for the Beacon show
While I have been listening/collecting the Kcing since his court was released I have enjoyed the live CDs and have all the mainstream ones. However I have never been an avid collector (the club or the mass available on Dgm or the super box sets). I already have too much music that I don’t listen to. But I have been building a nice collection of concert recordings from across the years to get a nice representation of different incarnations. As such I offer my great thanks for the 2001 freebie. It may not be the ‘best’ concert from the tour, but I am sure a sub-prime KC is going to be great. (And is, on now). So another slot in my KClive genre. (Now Fripp solo completism, that’s another issue!)
Written by Benoît Carmichael
17 September, 2018
Beacon theater free download
Many thanks DGM for the free gig of December 14, 2001. This is much appreciated. A+
Written by Evan Pilchik
Thank You
Just wanted to use this space to give my thanks to KC and express my appreciation for all of the free downloads the band has provided and continues to provide. KC doesn't get all of my hard-earned money but it does get some ad part of my sustained interest over these many years is the availability of the free stuff. So, once again, THANK YOU!
Written by Don Henson
An Old Love Letter
My my my... Hearing this Frippertronics show makes me long for "God Save The Queen" and "Marriagemuzik" 7" they were my first love affair with Frippertronics. The "boredom" and mystery are held together equally in this wonderful document of the small intelligent mobile unit doing it's thing all over a lucky radio audience. The solos add a zest and texture to these familiar loops that are indescribable. I have listened to it four times in succession and it reveals more and more with each listen. Thanks "Stormy" and the DGM team for making such moments in time available to patient willing ears.
Written by ALLAN G OKADA
This performance has long circulated amongst avid fans of Frippertronics as it was one of the few radio broadcasts that included live performances in the studio. All marred by varying levels of radio frequency hum and hiss and with bad edits also of varying degrees. Finally here we have a perfect version without any of those flaws and wow, it really increases the power of this performance! An absolute must-have for Frippertronics fans. Also for lovers of the LP God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners, here you have the entire first side of the LP with wonderful solos on top. In particular, Robert also solos the main theme of "God Save the Queen" as well as “La Marseillaise” (France's national anthem). It is unclear how Montrealers interpreted that spontaneous improvisational choice. Quebec remains part of Canada thankfully. A real joy and an essential purchase for Frippertronics lovers.
Written by Rodd McLeod
Jakko's new lyrics
Jakko's new lyrics to this song are great. Turning the song into an indictment of corrupt banks is perfect and the band's playing here is both playful and menacing.
Written by Zigomar José Espindola
Esta apresentação está demais, nunca senti tanto entusiasmo, belíssima apresentação. A todos os Krins Grande Abraço.
Written by Zigomar José Espindola
Muito Obrigado por mais essa PÉROLA... Parabéns pela performance.