Written by Al Walton
22 April, 2017
Remembering Denver 1974
I am a new member of the 1000 club and new to posting thoughts and information. The anticipation of this tour has me thinking back to Denver in 74 when the music stopped (The band was still playing for another 15 seconds or so after the silence) anticipating more music from the band(it never came), I had to find out what happened. It wasnt til I got back to the East Coast that I heard a rumor that it was another band that pulled the plug(Later found out that it was ZZTop, which was verified when I downloaded the show. Denver was my 5th Crimson show and that same feeling of wanting to find out was next Lead me to The Asbury Park show(also Same tour) in which for me is when the miracle happened. Finding a true original and innovative band that sounded like no other. A band that keeps re inventing itself. Many shows later (the Red Bank first night show) will be my 50th. Wanted to go both nights in Seattle(I had to settle for the first night because I wanted to celebrate my 50th in a area that has seen some legendary as well as historic shows. I have been a loyal follower at all Philadelphia, New Jersey as well as many New York shows. Some of the greatest and historic shows have come from this area. With all this being said from all Im reading and seeing about this tour has me Chasing that miracle again, with me keeping in mind some things are for a time, SOMETHING BIG is about ready to happen! So much to say but Being Frippian some times we have to read between the lines! HOPE TO SEE all of you in Seattle, Red Bank and hopefully Philadelphia, New York and maybe Allentown Pa?
Written by Bill Kent
20 April, 2017
The Insidious Mondegreen of Norbert Fragg
We take you to an alternate universe, where the actual, if dubiously factual Norbert Fragg, guitarist and seated action figure for the slap-happy pop band Thing Dismal, is at the center of tempestuous media storm regarding a misprisoned song title. As all Fraggophiles know, a mondegreen is a misinterpreted phrase or song lyric, as in Hemy Jendrick’s sultry Zouk rocker, “Foxy Haiti”. A sultry mondegrenetic occurs is in shamefully confused the sultry refrain “’scuse me while I kiss this guy,” as the meterologically impaired “kiss the sky.” Sir Norbert, who has since been mistakenly knighted for “heedless display of performance attire more becoming a City banker” and now refers to himself as the venal, heartless, notorious F.R.G., stated that "Meltdown", appearing on the live Thing Dismal chartbuster “Remedial Friction to Reheat the Plonky Wine”, should not be understood as it seems, nor as it is otherwise. "It is merely a paroxymatic periphrastic paean to deliquesing goose feathers." Quoth the Fragg: "Nothing more." Since the live album’s release, the rousing ditty has raised ire in East Sussex, where residents of Piltdown presume it is a reference to a nefariously forged anthropological specimen. The League of Torrid Taxidermists and Psychedelic Furriers claim that “pelt down” is an inappropriate snipe at their profession. The United Conglomeration of Northern Fisheries has planned several protests outside the diminutive headquarters of Fragmatic Records over “smeltdown.” Bewigged barristers are demanding millions in damages over “guilt down." Not content to abandon the United Thingdom, the Bonnie Repooblick a’ Scootlun has threatened to leave reality altogether, as objections mount to what they insist is either “Celt Down,” which is bad enough for fanciers of Forlorne Sausage, or “Kilt Down,” which is much the wurst. --Bill Kent
Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
20 April, 2017
A fall, is the beginning of something good
I'm very happy to listen to King Crimson, because otherwise I would have no idea that the instruments can do other things, it's amazing, thanks Robert and guys, forever King Crimson.
Written by José Francisco Correa Caro
20 April, 2017
Hi. I think they should have just released a DVD edition of KING CRIMSON - LIVE IN TORONTO - November 20th 2015 (4LP/DVD) . I do not care about LPs, I just want the DVD format. The edition is very expensive to have only two concerts. Best.
Written by Paulo Gonzalez Lires
19 April, 2017
Glad to hear about the inclusion of classics such as EXILES and FALLEN ANGEL. If it is not an abuse on my part, I'd like to suggest the inclusion of 2 more classics: FORMENTERA LADY and ISLANDS (this one was also covered by Jakko in his solo album, so maybe it would not be impossible to make a rework of the song) .
Written by Christopher M Chastain
19 April, 2017
Royal Ticket - Seattle
Hello! Will there be an opportunity to purchase a Royal Ticket to the Seattle show on June 12th? Thanks!

Alex Mundy replied:

Dear Christopher, Sorry but we are not doing Royal package tickets for this show, Best Alex
Written by Al Walton
One thing I can say about these two nights @ The Bijou, Is MAGICAL. The intimacy of this venue as well as a smokin gig this should have atleast a 4 star rating. This show as I recall as yesterday no one was sittting, and for us progs, hopping was in order(yes this night it was called dancing). The take off happens with Piano Boy when Robert goes off on what I remember as hypnotic guitar riffs that takes you to a place that Talking Heads couldnt do in their wildest dreams. This band was amazing and Sarah Lee was out of this world. That night she sounded like the best bassist in the world. And now back to the venue, I cant remember any place on the planet that was more intimate. It no longer exists, and Peter Hammill said in one of his Sofa sound letters that this was one of the favorite places he played in. Again the venue and the energy of the band give it 4 stars.
Written by John Fortier
What a powerful album...simply sublime!
Written by Alex Mundy
Not Zurich (It is)
Dear Paul,I think you'll find Robert is referring to one of the roadies Tex Read. Best Alex
Written by Paul ORear
Not Volkshaus, Zurich?
Around 1:04 in the RF Announcment track, Robert says, "Don't fall over yet, Texas." Maybe a mis-identified gig?
Written by Steven Nathan
Best So far
This is the best of the shows on this tour I've listened to so far. "Indiscipline", with the great drum solo, into "Sartori in Tangier" was my favorite part of the show. This will get much more listening.
Written by Peter Grenader
Return of the Kings. KC at the Orpheum, Los Angeles
King Crimson's performance at the Orpheum was such that I felt guilty just clapping afterward as it seemed an inadequate gesture of gratitude after what they had gifted us that evening. An amazing performance of both new and freshly presented legacy material executed effortlessly by seven remarkable musicians. Highlights were RF's imaginative and flawless execution of the some of the hardest guitar parts in contemporary music, the unexpected clarity of three drummers playing simultaneously topped with Gavin Harrison's bionic drum solo in 21st Century Schizoid Man and the return of the band's expensive soul - Mel Collins - blowing our minds on sax and flute. A very honorable mention also goes to Jakko Jakszyk for proving unquestionably he is the right man for the job as guitarist and vocalist, despite the inconceivable pressure of doing so while standing between two of the best musicians on the planet (Tony Levin, bass and Robert Fripp, guitar). Very glad I was able to experience this show, and I almost didn't - the last minute decision to indulge myself regardless of hearing news that my dear father had passed away that afternoon proved to be the highlight of the day and by virtue of the performance itself, possibly my year. Thank you, gentleman