Written by davidly
22 October, 2019
Hear, hear!
First, a shout out to King Crimson and their quite successful half-a-century celebration tour. I am glad to have flown over to join my brother for our sixth tour together, the last two on two continents. It was quite a bonus that this line-up grew even beyond its initial greatness such that that development alone became something worth writing letters about. Not only that, but after who knows how many tours, the kconcert experience has managed to evolve the smoke & gadget-free aspect into something seemingly devoid of the accompanying lament of tours past, finally developing into an atmosphere that you can just about take for granted. With what follows I intend no judgement on Kent's original idea, for that is what might inspire others to do what Peter suggests, which is laudable. For those of you out there without a generic audio editing program, I recommend, Audacity, a free, open source program with which one can do the stitching. Already more than a decade ago, as the plethora of live tracks were accumulating at a breakneck pace, having been painstakingly rendered ravingly good by Dr. Stormy Mundy, I pieced together a great rendition of "Larks' and the Like" — basically at that time live run-through of I – IV. That work was child's play, and copying & pasting snippets and solos isn't significantly more challenging and is also kind of fun.
Written by Jeff Breis
22 October, 2019
My ears feel good.
Serge's right. The Paris '73 show sounds just fine. Thanks Alex, please keep up the good work. Trainspotters, like me, truly appreciate what you do for us.
Written by Serge Girard
21 October, 2019
King Crimson at Salle Pleyel 19th November 1973
Great work done to get this audible! Very good versions of Lament, Exiles etc. Serge

Alex Mundy replied:

Dear Serge, Many thanks for your comments. Sometimes when I start on a bootleg I wonder if I can make any difference to it, so I'm glad it works for you. And you are right, some great playing going on.
Written by Peter Warsop
21 October, 2019
Do your own stitching
Nice ideas, I'm sure, for track edits, "stitching". Why not DIY? I get the impression that the folks at DGM sound production have more than enough other stuff to get on with.
Written by Alex G Durr
20 October, 2019
(No Pussyfooting) and Apple Music
I am very happy to see the new batch of 6 albums uploaded to streaming. However, one album, “(No Pussyfooting)” by Robert Fripp and Brian Eno is not yet on Apple Music. I assume it’s an issue on Apple’s end like the 3 King Crimson albums that took time to be uploaded on Spotify. Thanks in advance.
Written by Jeff Breis
20 October, 2019
Easy Peasie Weasie
I agree with Kent. A long version of Easy Money, kinda like THRAKATTAK and 21st Century Schizoid Man (from Ladies Of The Road) would be great. It's always been one of my faves (especially live), along with Exiles and Epitaph (these are titles with an 'e' this time). Wonderful music.
Written by Eduardo Rojas Morales
First ever KC concert in Chile. Something the band and us will never forget
What can be said about such historic moment as both the first ever KC concerts in Chile AND the last ones of the 50th anniversary tour?. To put this in perspective, for ages (especially since mid 90s, when KC performed in Argentina) the phrase "King Crimson In Chile" was a sort of an urban myth, similar to "Pink Floyd at the Moon Valley" here. Something that everyone longed for, but in the end felt it wasn't going to happen. Try to imagine one of your favourite artists you grew up listening to their music, but never ever had the chance to see them live. THAT was the feeling about King Crimson here. It wasn't a surprise at all (at least for us) that tickets sold out in just one hour!. The level of excitement was that high. As for the concert itself, it was quite unique experience. I've attended to many concerts before, in all sort of venues, from a few dozens of fans to 70,000 at National Stadium, and this KC one was like nothing before. First, of course, the well-known and still polemic "no photograph and no recording" rule. Fortunately in here everyone understood that, and the audience was very respectful of that. But at the same time, that didn't decrease the enthusiasm and reception (see Tony Levin's diary). Second, the rather modest lightning system, including 2 screens at the side of the stage that only showed one shot of the whole band ... during the whole concert!. No camera changes at all. And the lights were on all the time, except for the 'Startless' climax, turning red to an awe-inspiring effect. Third, because KC is (as far as I know) the ONLY artist to perform a 50th anniversary tour date here. I have to say that I'd liked a setlist with more classics (that's why it was a NEAR perfect concert) like 'Lark's Tongues in Aspic' (they performed Part 2 the second night), 'The Letters', 'Fallen Angel', 'Sailor's Tale', 'Dinosaur', etc (after all, none of those songs have been performed here) but what the performance itself was simply the most astounding level of musicialship I've ever witnessed live. And all my friends who attended said something similar. REALLY hope an official release will come from such historic concerts (they were filmed, and of course recorded as well). I know these were events both the band and us will never forget. And while there're quite a few official releases from Argentina (KC included) very, very few artists have released something from Chile. Now KC know how passionate and loyal are as an audience. Hopefully, see you soon KC!
Written by Aymeric Leroy
Pleyel, not Playel
For the record, the name of the venue is Salle Pleyel, not Playel. Actually King Crimson played in that same venue again in 2016 !
I've waited for so long to see a KC concert. Wonderful night I'll never forget. Playing Indiscipline was the apex of it all.....Thank you all....come back as soon as possible....
Written by Thomas Seixas
Touch my island, touch me
My first ever KC concert, my expectations could not be higher... and yet you managed to amaze me. In all my life I have never heard of anything even close to this. The sound was just perfect, I don't know how much you pay for the sound technician at the mixing table, but you shold give him a raise. Even when the 3 drummers were playing very strongly it was still possible to hear every single detail. And the setlist, WOW, the songs from the first album blew my mind, I laughed at the drum battle in the intro of Indiscipline and was brought to tears during Islands. Thank you Jakko and Jeremy for your amazing performance in Islands, for me it was the highlight of the night. There aren't enough words to describe how I felt during these 3 hours of pure musical perfection. Thank you for the best show of my life and please come back soon.
Written by Thomas Seixas
Pan american... dream come true
My second KC concert, only two days after my first one. This one was very different from the one in São Paulo, lots of cameras filming it, lots of people jumping and shouting the lyrics. It was amazing, exactly the way I imagined Rock in Rio would be. I was in the first row, very close to Pat's drumkit, and still the sound was great. The huge crowd singind Epitaph and Schizoid Man sounded amazing. I hope you guys had as much fun onstage as I did in the crowd. The only reason this gets 4 star is because the show was only an hour long (I know it was not your fault) Thank you for this great night
Written by Francisco Mulatti
For the nostalgic oldies
I was hoping to experience a more updated setlist, seems this one was crafted to pander to an older audience. Mostly songs from the first 4 albums era. I wished for something a little bit more adventurous. The sang version of Indiscipline and the hard part on Starless was a little bit of a letdown (as the drums weren't as "swingy" as the Bruford version). But hey, It's Crimso after all and I couldn't ask for more.