Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
14 September, 2020
Jakko Jakszyk
Jakko, I can't wait to hear truths & lies, I've been listening to other works of yours, and they are amazing, you have a musical style, and an excellent vocalization, in other words very good, Jakko a big hug, Greetings.
Written by Aleksandra Craine
11 September, 2020
Happy Birthdays Mel and Pat
I'm behind on DGM news, so happy belated birthday to the September Crims. Also thanks for the new Jakko song. I'm wondering: did he really drink a bottle of tequila while making that music video? Probably not, but Jakko seems very Method to me, so I choose to believe he did.
Written by José Francisco Correa Caro
11 September, 2020
We need information about Forthcoming Exposure Box
We need information about forthcoming EXPOSURE BOX. I think that as many of us who entered this page would like to know more about this new issue. THANKS!

Alex Mundy replied:

Dear Jose, We are still in the early stages of compiling and transferring reels of tape, so to say what will be in it is difficult at this time.
Written by Andrew Mather
10 September, 2020
...Fripp’s first time on a record with Lake on bass & vocals McCulloch on drums and Dickenson on keyboards - Shy Limbs...brilliant...and you can tell who’s who.
Written by Andrew Mather
10 September, 2020
...thrown rock into the pond...
Brilliant Dale...ripples ahoy! I am listening to SV’s Passion and Warfare 25th anniversary edition at this moment. My mind was already melting & bedazzled...perhaps Excalibur will rise from the peaceful lake rather than the pointed stick that you hint at.
Written by Aleksandra Craine
10 September, 2020
Crimson King Court
I recently moved to Lexington KY, and there is a small street here called Crimson King Court. I was extremely excited until quick research indicated it's probably named after a horse. Right next door to CKC is Bowie Drive, who according to my husband was a UKY basketball player. But it's a bit too coincidental, is it not? Maybe Lexington still is cooler than I thought... In re: to Dale Haskell: *insert Clueless gif* "That was way harsh, Tai!"
Written by Alex Mundy
Missing Track
Dear Richard, This track was not from the same show. The audience sound is very different, (A more outdoor larger event, rather than the club audience of 1st Avenue Entry) and in fact it comes from another version of the Poplar Creek show.
Written by Richard Kolke
Missing a Track?
I downloaded this show (as I always do) and am very happy with the purchase (as I always am). However, I previously had a different, illicit, download of this show. And while the DGM version is slightly better audio quality, my other copy ends with The Sheltering Sky (8:12) after Heartbeat. Was this not on your copy of the tape? I'd be happy to provide you with this track if you tell me how.
Written by Sean Barnes
Very good audience recording of a great performance
This is a very good quality audience recording. Audience is enthusiastic and chatty, but not obnoxiously so. Band sounds energized and fiery. Adrian seems inspired by the audience; interacting with them on Indiscipline. Lark 3 is a definite highlight. Also the impromptu Frippertonics while Belew's amp is out is a nice surprise. Overall, this one of those very rare audience recordings I will listen to more than one. Well worth the download.
Written by Michael Flaherty
Life Changing
For me, this concert, along with a Miles Davis concert a year or so previous, changed how I approached live music, and in some ways even how I listened to music on record. They were tight and loose at the same time, fun yet serious about their task. Adrian was understandably unhappy at his technical problems, but because of it we were treated to the Frippertronics piece. The laugh you hear at the beginning was in response to Fripp pointing to his head after an audience member let out a loud yell. I will add that Adrian takes an unscheduled solo during 'Heartbeat'--it was then Robert who had lost sound. This group always responded well to club crowds (check out the recently added Toad's date from '82). I would have seen them anywhere, but I was very fortunate that they played First Avenue (the club the 'Purple Rain' music scenes were filmed at). I will admit that I have owned the bootleg of this show for quite some time, and have been surprised that it was not included as the sound is better than some from '84 that have been up for quite awhile. I thought perhaps it was because of the equipment problems. I'm glad that now everyone can hear it.
Written by Marcus Octaviano
Absolutely Love This Track
I love everything about this.
Written by Allon Kesselman
A Revalation
This lineup of King Crimson was never my favorite, but after listening to this show, I have a new found appreciation. The band is in great form, especially Boz, who you can tell would have many great moments ahead in his career. He really brings "In the Court of the Crimson King" alive almost makes you forget about the original group. The sound quality is quite good for a show of the era, and the only real sadness is the premature ending of 21st Century Schizoid Man. If you wont to find out what this era of Crimson was all about, this show is a great starting point.