Written by Emory Anderson
01 April, 2020
Repercussions of Angelic Behavior
I can strongly recommend the disc, Repercussions of Angelic Behavior. It's basically 3 great players with monster chops going all out and playing what they want. It rocks hard and has terrific playing from all 3. And you can hear why both of these guys loved playing with Reiflin: He doesn't flinch and charges right in when he wants to, while setting up space for Trey and Roberto to really fly. I'd say "We need this on vinyl", but Trey's playing alone will knock the needle out of the groove. I'm mentioning this because it's always seemed like a forgotten disc. At least, not that many people ever mention it. Don't let that fool you. It's really f*cking good.
Written by Serge Girard
31 March, 2020
David Singleton
Get well soon, David! Serge
Written by Serge Girard
30 March, 2020
Death of a Giant
Hanging Gardens is so nice and sweet!
Written by J Hessel
29 March, 2020
Celebrating life while mourning death
Bill R and his wife Francesca S were treasures gifted to the world. Their art was a gift to all of us. Here is something that celebrates living. The guitar player is 95 and my neighbor, practices 4-5 hours a day. These videos were shot last spring in NYC.
Written by Daniel Kirkdorffer
29 March, 2020
Remembering Bill Reiflin
While I have crossed paths with Bill Reiflin a few times, living as I do in the Seattle area, I did not know Bill. However, I greatly enjoyed his drumming, and if I were to pick a particular favorite track it would be "Strangers on a Train", the first from the Reiflin, Fripp, Gunn recording “The Repercussions Of Angelic Behavior”. Trey writes about the record here: - I love the way he drives the track forward, and agree with Trey's assessment of it being akin to a King Crimson ProjeKct. Robert and Toyah's reminisces and accounts of Bill have been lovely to read. I wish I had got to know Bill, but I feel like I know more about him now, and I am thankful for that.
Written by Danny Blake
29 March, 2020
Starless and Bible Black
I remember the release of this well. I turned 16 on this date and at the same time, my favorite Crimson album is released. I know this album doesn't always show up on Crimheads lists of favorites but, it ticks all the boxes for me. So thankful to have this great music around and, I intend to drink a toast to the chaps who created this and immerse myself in it's glory. Happy birthday to me and SABB.
What an incredible evening!
I am 28 years old drummer, who attended Rock In Rio just to see King Crimson for the first time. The first thing that caught up my eyes was the drums in front of the stage, and also the fact that there were three of them. The concert start with a drum class, an amazing drum solo, and then it flows to other popular tracks. I surprisingly got recorded by local TV while singing in Epitaph, in the front row near the grid. This moment is immortalized for me, a drummer's dream getting real. I can't thank you enough, it changed my mind as a drummer, it inspired me to pursue music career in my hometown, Rio de Janeiro.
Written by Brady Hogan
A Special Place and Time
Excellent recording on this track. I was able to be in the 5th row center for this. Last time I sat in such a position to stage was in 1992 for Pete Townshend solo at Wiltern in Los Angeles. The seating was part of the Celebration Package. A real treat all around with band members joining in before the show. The show was amazing. Being so close we all were able to see the fun and games with interplay between band members. I enjoyed the show at Greek in 2017 being a bit further back just as well. Just a different experience. Both wonderful. The Crim played well and only a couple of audience members were seen acting up with flash and recording equipment. In 2017 there was dozens of them doing this-so much better this time. Easter Sunday a few years back for David Gilmour was ruined by well drunk ticket holders holding out iPads and large smart phones during show. Anyway, the Crim and their entire tour family are a class act. The music and the evening interpretation of the muse was magic. Cheers.
Written by Jure Humar
The richness of Bill Rieflin
There are no words to describe this simple, yet amazingly powerful track. It goes to show what an important part Bill has been to King Crimson. Ethereal, melancholic, surreal, dreamy, are the first four words that come to mind when listening to this isolated track. Thank you Bill, for all you have done for King Crimson. It's because of isolated tracks such as this, that make me a fan of King Crimson. It's music fills me like that of no other artist. It satisfies my almost every need when it comes to music, and that is thanks to the artists that put their hearts and souls to it. Even though Bill was with the band for a relatively "short time" (time is relative), his presence was absolutely essential. To have solid proof of this, one needs only to listen to this simple, yet unspeakably majestic isolated track. Again, thank you Bill.
Written by Roderich von Detten
remarkable musicianship and learning opportunity
one of the most impressive dgm-downloads so far, imho : not only an opportunity to understand what "fairy dusting" means (as mr quiroga gomez pointed out above), but also what remarkable musicianship means: the use of space & silence, timing, the unexpected use of harmonics & tone colours, subtlety, "admirable restraint" ... - everybody who is familiar with "the letters", silently complementing the tune in his/her head while listening to mr rieflin's dusting, can notice the effect. thank you very much!
Written by Bernardo Quiroga Gomez
Irreplaceable Billness: Fairy dusting at its finest
Only with this beautiful piece, I was finally able to understand in full what the concept of "fairy dusting" really meant when Robert referred to Bill's keyboard contributions to Jeremy-Stacey-era Crimson. Here, we truly can listen to Bill dusting magic on the piece. Ethereal, but also very concrete and real. As I commented to my friends: Bill is the gift that keeps on giving. The more one listens, the more one finds, and the more solace one feels. Thank you, WillyFred II, Prince of fairy dusters. <3
Written by Rob Pilkington
The Beauty of it All
Not sure how this was determined to be presented/represented but thank you! I felt as if I was in the presence of the man described by so many in their tributes that I've never met or heard solo. How else can you explain the goose bumps, the emotions as I closed my eyes, and could only imagine, what Mr. Rieflin meant to those closest. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Upon reflection I do know how this was chosen, just beautiful!