Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
12 June, 2021
Happy Birthday
Jakko, and Tony, sorry, Congratulations late, a big hug, for two musician, understood with quality.
Written by David Lassoff
12 June, 2021
A cracked and broken path, to quote from Epitaph
There is something seriously wrong with the way Ticketmaster is handling tickets for your August 6 date at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. It’s more than unethical. It’s got to be illegal what they’ve done. I got online with them and before they opened up the site for general ticketing and then when the site did open at the allotted time the whole theater was sold out except for right up front for over $400 per ticket. And when the fees were added it cam to $500 a ticket. There was nothing available in any other section. These people must be selling tickets out the back door to scalpers or whoever. I got online exactly at the time they opened. I was put into the queue at 88th in line. And I was shown the exact same availability as I was at the “pre-sale” showing. These people are blatant crooks! Can’t you do anything about this? I know you are the musicians and not ticket sellers but this kind of thing is destructive. I’ve been listening to your music since 1969, and attending your shows when I had the opportunity. I’m seventy-one now and I won’t be able to attend your show, not because I don’t want to, but because the opportunity has been stolen away by an unscrupulous and illegal operator that has their hooks in and gets away with it! Shameful.

Alex Mundy replied:

Dear David, It does seem to be true that many of the questionable practices that plagued the record industry have followed the money into live shows, now that there are profits to be made there. We started the Royal Package in order to take control of the prime front seats which so often never seemed to hit the open market. I agree it is shameful that a front row seat might cost $500 from TicketMaster. Our Royal packages for those seats, with all the added goodies, 'only' cost $365. You are right that, with the exception of the Royal Package, ticket sales are in the control of the venue, the promoter and the online sales agencies. We have yet to receive a report on ticket sales. We shall then see if and how it has indeed sold out.

David Singleton replied:

Please also see the recent news posting. We have just learnt that Ticketmaster had a glitch in their systems for about five hours yesterday, which may have caused some of the "sold out" errors. We are trying to find out more even as I type.
Written by Chris Inguanta
11 June, 2021
Glad the US is returning to normal.
I am so glad I will be able to see the Crims at Forest Hills on September 9th via the Royal Package I purchased in March 2020. I see these are now sold out. Glad the Zappa band is still warming up. Can wait to see the band and the fans. See you there!!!! It should be a fabulous show.
Written by Robert Tucker
11 June, 2021
Bummed about new tour prices
I'm 65 and have been a big fan of Crim since age 13 (all those years my favorite). In better financial times I have traveled to other cities other than my own and always caught local shows on those years they came to my town. Likewise Belew, Levine, Cal Guitar Trio etc. When times were better for me I was always known to buy tickets for friends and clients and have never been disappointed. Living in Phoenix area past 26 years before that LA. Was thrilled to see Crimson was coming to Scottsdale. Though I am happy to see such interest everywhere with the band I believe deserves tons more appreciation, I am reeling a bit by what are now prohibitive prices. I could get standing room only in the wings, but honestly, I want to sit at King Crimson concerts...pretty sure, so does Robert Fripp. I also know the acoustics at the venue they are playing...not great if you are to the side or up top. I know that many big fans of the seven headed monster that are lacking funds find a way, however...did not think I would ever say this but, I'm not going. My best to all who attend and blessings King Crimson.
Written by Robert Biondi
10 June, 2021
Earthbound on vinyl?
Any news on an Earthbound vinyl reissue?
Written by Jay Marcello
10 June, 2021
Glens Falls Tickets
I have tickets for the Glens Falls show originally scheduled for 2020. Can I use them for the newly announced show in Saratoga, NY? If not, how do I get a refund for the tickets?

Alex Mundy replied:

Dear Jay, This from David Singletons Latest diary Secondly, Many fans who have bought general tickets from Ticketmaster or AXS have been approaching us for a refund or exchange. We can only process Royal Package tickets purchased directly from us. For all other tickets, you please need to contact the seller, not us, as we will be unable to help you – and we will be swamped!
Written by Matthew George
The unedited improvisation
When I first heard the Starless and Bible Black album in 1992, well, I was one of the many persons who was deceived by the sound of the recording, thinking that.....ummm....... Actually I wasn't even thinking at all. I just UNTHINKINGLY assumed that it was like any other album in the catalog by the group that would have been recorded in a sound studio. How little did I know? How naive of me. It wasn't until a couple of years later that I read Eric Tamm's groundbreaking little "guidebook" (published in 1990 but read by me in 1993-1994), which revealed the truth about the way the tracks were recorded and assembled. Even those early diehard Crimheads in 1974 couldn't have known that the radio broadcast of the November 1973 Amsterdam concert which they were excitedly taping for later bootleg production/exploitation was in actuality the SAME SOURCE CONCERT from which the (at the time) latest KC album SABB took many of its most interesting tracks. Those tracks were never included in the broadcast. However, it wasn't until 1997, a few years later still, that I found out that one specific track, my favorite off that album, the eponymous title track,was actually "edited in 1974 due to the constraints of vinyl". When I read that little statement at the very bottom of the very last page of the booklet accompanying the CD for The Night Watch {1997} release, I said to myself, "Now self, I do believe that you have found your 'special purpose' in this life. And that is, FIND A RECORDING, SOMEWHERE, OF THAT ORIGINAL UNEDITED/EXTENDED IMPROV." It was like a message from the ancient gods being transmitted or beamed down to me, just to me and no one else. So, if that razorburned piece of missing magnetic tape just happens to fall into your lap one day in the near or not so near future, you know who to get ahold of.
Written by Terry Rawlins
First chance to see Bruford
Growing up in southern Delaware it's amazing the music I was able to be exposed to. In August '72, I went to see Yes at the Spectrum in Philly only to see a straight haired blonde on drums... Back in the day of no internet, how was I to know Bill Bruford had left Yes 2 weeks earlier! I was devastated. Heart of the Sunrise with Jon playing a tambourine instead of Bruford's outrageous high hat. Of course, Chris Squire did not disappoint! Less than 2 years later, driving my '64 Buick with 3 friends in tow, we headed to the Kennedy Centre to see the mighty King Crimson with one of the greatest line ups ever. There we were in the lobby with several folks in Tuxedos waiting for the Classical Concert in the other hall. Quite genteel and very nice actually. Steeleye Span opened and were great. Between bands my mates ran off to the restroom while I sat and watched the roadies roll out the riser that had Bill's set on it. I was already blown away. Needless to say the show was absolutely fantastic. The band was in their muscular glory and the hall was outstanding for sound. Bruford was spot on and the performance was followed by several live shows over the years.
Written by Matthew George
One of the more "lilting" blows (read: improvs) apparently NOT recorded by the group for the group
Since sometime during the Spring of 1999, upon first hearing an echoey, somewhat muddied C+ audience cassette tape recording of this performance at the old Shrine Auditorium in South L. A. on 19/6/74 (when I was actually 3 days away from turning exactly half-a-year old!), I thought to myself, what a gorgeous, almost swaying, relaxed 6-minute improv called 'The Silver Walnut' spilling out of a high-pitched eardrum-splitting guitar shriek ending to 'Easy Money', now that DGM is releasing (gradually) an archive of 'blast from the past' recordings of performances, given that this particular location holds a position so near and dear to my heart, having lived out 30 years of a troubled young adulthood in a nearby suburb (and w/KC as a go-to stress reliever for all of those years), I thought to myself, it sure would be just heavenly, and nifty, and grand, and boss, radical, cool, da bomb, awesome, real swell, groooovy man, phat, sweet..... To officially release this with any sort of improvement to the sound. And do you know what? To this day, over 20 years later, I STILL continue to think to myself, it sure would be just heavenly, and nifty, and grand...... P. S. Esp. since an improved early-generation copy of the show 100% complete has emerged since then from the deep. I lost my digital-only copy in what can only be described as a totally self-produced completely destructive tragedy about 7 years ago, and have been hoping since then that DGM might.... just possibly..... Pretty please?
Written by Martin Ingram
My word, the version of Starless here is astonishing! This on its own makes this a must-have.
Written by Andrew Bradley
This has the wistful feeling (and similar soundscape program) to the under-appreciated November Suite album. That one is so restful, I've probably never heard the last couple of tracks. The the thing that I can only describe as the "musical train going over points very gently" sound, that you also hear in this one, is utterly hypnotic.
Written by Robert Girardi
Five Stars!
The band is tight and on point the entire show. Even the songs that I usually skip from this era (Facts, Power, Happy), are played with fire! I am a fan of this four piece lineup. It gives Fripp and Belew plenty of shredding room. The guitars are high in this mix btw. Sweet........