An Evening Of Talking with Robert Fripp and David Singleton.

Band diaries / Press reviews

  Rising in Hotel Acceptable at 06.56, bags down at 08.30 and onto Tourbus This-Is-Not-The-Bus-We-Were-Promised-Nor-What-We-Paid-For-Ahead-Of-Time. Unpacking in Suite Dismal, my allocated space. To spend three weeks in this space without windows and with no natural light, for one of my sensitivities, is close to crippling. If I attributed intention to this, it would be to deter me from undertaking another public outing in the US. Perhaps a burning question from one of our audients tonight in Boston: where is Tourbus Quite Acceptable, the one promised to That Awful Man and his Very Nice Manager? The answer: Gavin is on it, touring with Porcupine Tree. I am very happy for my Crimson Brother Gavin.So dismal is life in Suite Dismal, other than for sleeping and dribbling pitifully as Covi...
It has been interesting re-living last year's speaking tour with Robert as the clips emerge week by week. At some point, we will hopefully post a complete evening, as isolated questions only catch half of the event. The ongoing internal repartee between Robert, me and the audience is missing.   It is also good for the soul to be regularly made to feel like a prime chump. Whenever a question was asked, Robert would invite me to go first - sometimes with a big grin on his face for the more challenging questions. And then, having given it my best shot, I would listen to his response and go - "duh! why didn't I say that?!"   This week's extract from Boston is one such case. Having never wanted to be a manager - and having rescued myself from that fate - my answer is, well, so man...