This was my first King Crimson show ever. Although I'm 62 and have been a fan since the early 1970's the cards have never lined up for me to see them live prior to the Ryman show. The California Guitar Trio opened the show, sounded amazing, and were well received. All three are absolutely fantastic musicians and created some beautiful soundscapes. King Crimson took to the stage and my first impression was how powerful and amazing the 3 drummers playing together was. They were positioned at the front of the stage and were very impactful. Robert, Jakko, Tony, and Mel were all brilliant as well. Not having seen the band live before I can't give comparisons to versions of the songs I heard versus how they might have been performed in the past. I can say that I loved every bit of the show. Camera recording or photography was not allowed during the show and it made the whole experience better, in my opinion. Speaking strictly for myself, I was freed from the temptation to "just video this little bit", and I found myself more immersed in the music that I have been at a live show in a long time. I really applaud and thank the band for touring at a time when live music is just awakening from the long shut down. They brought me and, from the looks of my fellow concert goers at the Ryman, a lot of sorely needed joy.