This recording is a true gem for us KC collectors, and it’s been a long time i’ve not been so astonished by a new performance from 1973. Don’t expect soundboard clarity, the in-between-songs banter is loud enough, but it vanishes as soon as the music turns on. The sonic heroes in this recording are RF’s guitar and JW’s bass. It’s a pity we can’t hear the drums clearly enough, and DC’s violin is used to be buried in the mix. The keyword regarding this recording would be : fire & fury. The fury of the guitar throughout the pieces. In LTIA the first solo guitar lead is both very fast and entirely under control, and the bass work shines with subtle variations all along the performance, for instance in the quiet part of LTIA2. As is usual for the Larks quartet, the improvs take us to another dimension of aural bliss. The first improv starts with enfuriated bass, the violin screams join in, and by 3 minutes RF’s guitar launches into the first section of Fracture, which hadn’t been officially composed yet by this date. Clearly Fripp is not exactly improvising here, these lines already have a steady rhythm and shape, he probably wrote this arrangement earlier and he’s now laying the motifs to let his musical mates fill in. It is not Fracture yet, rather a free-jazz improv around Fracture, by 7 minutes they all set the full improv mode again, the violin takes it all in the end and segues into Exiles. The second improv is very different in tone, and can be divided into two distinct parts. During the first 3-minutes part, violin and bass interlock in a slow pastoral mode, aerial guitar joins in, Bruford’s input is very light. Wetton’s improvising bass is leading everyone into the second part, the drumming gets more intense and the overall fury gets back. DC switches to mellotron for the descending part. In 21stCSM it’s fun to hear enthusiastic Italian fans sing along the first verse, then the guitar solo takes it all, the recording stops abruptly after the final notes. All in all a true gem, thanks DGM ! Audio quality rating : 3/5 Performance quality rating : 5/5