The less played as extra layers to John's (single tracked) voice and Robert's guitar in this diamond track - the better. The utter beauty needs no extra ornaments - and here it shows, most perfectly. To say that this tune is otherwordly beatiful, it still bears the manner of understatement... 46 years (and a bit) after it happened to be put down to tape. I'm never tired to listen to it once more, after umpteenth dozens of times. Could this be ever bettered than on this left off take? Well, it has been, yes, just once. For this you need to head up to the gig in Atlanta, at the Richard's, 23th June 1973. What happens there - is - simply - one time in the history of the whole Universe. Glad the song got to the KC 50 series, that just would not have been complete without "Book Of Saturday" - one of the Crimson's finest state-of-art moments ever.