What an incredible evening!
I am 28 years old drummer, who attended Rock In Rio just to see King Crimson for the first time. The first thing that caught up my eyes was the drums in front of the stage, and also the fact that there were three of them. The concert start with a drum class, an amazing drum solo, and then it flows to other popular tracks. I surprisingly got recorded by local TV while singing in Epitaph, in the front row near the grid. This moment is immortalized for me, a drummer's dream getting real. I can't thank you enough, it changed my mind as a drummer, it inspired me to pursue music career in my hometown, Rio de Janeiro.
Written by Thomas Seixas
Pan american... dream come true
My second KC concert, only two days after my first one. This one was very different from the one in São Paulo, lots of cameras filming it, lots of people jumping and shouting the lyrics. It was amazing, exactly the way I imagined Rock in Rio would be. I was in the first row, very close to Pat's drumkit, and still the sound was great. The huge crowd singind Epitaph and Schizoid Man sounded amazing. I hope you guys had as much fun onstage as I did in the crowd. The only reason this gets 4 star is because the show was only an hour long (I know it was not your fault) Thank you for this great night
Written by Kaio
Crimson indeed rocked in Rio
I'm 29 years old, and since my teenage years I've seen great live acts: New Order (2006), Paul McCartney (2010), Suede (2012), The Cure (2013), Blur (2013), Pixies ( 2014), Radiohead (2018)... Now King Crimson joins this pantheon, and is probably the top spot. Because the gig was at Rock in Rio, a Brazilian televised festival, the band had only one hour to play its set, instead of the almost three hours of their regular performances. Fripp and the others were very wise in the track selection, prioritizing the songs from their 50-year-old debut ("In the Court of the Crimson King", "Epitaph" and, as the thrilling finale of the gig, "21st Century Schizoid Man"), along with the ferocious title track of Red (an album that coincidentally celebrated 45 years of its release on the day of the Rock in Rio gig), two selections from the '80s albums (" Neurotica" and the marvelous "Indiscipline") and the three drummers solo "Drumsons" as the opening song. The audience was low for Rock in Rio standards (the lineup is full of contemporary pop acts and popular metal bands), but massive for King Crimson standards; it was probably their biggest attendance since Hyde Park 1969. I was at the front row, near the grid, and the people around me were from polarizing ages: most were 50 or 60-years-old, but surprisingly there were also lots of 20-years-old Crimso fans. The band noticed the passionate audience, and seemed very happy during and after the show. The songs were impeccably played; the best performances were "The Court of the Crimson King" and "Indiscipline",although "Epitaph" was a good download choice, as the chorus was extremely powerful (and the drums are fantastic). I was aware of King Crimson's reputation as a great live band, but this concert at Rock in Rio gave me the definitive proof of that. I'm more than glad, and I really hope that they return to Brazil in their next tour!