Pictures Of A City
Written by Rob Hughes
This was an absolutely phenomenal show. As other posters have said, I actually think it was a notch above the superb 2017 Chicago Theater show, which I also attended and LOVED. I wasn’t expecting this show to be eclipse that one, but it did. Incredibly powerful playing throughout. This and truly just gets better and better. I can only hope Fripp & Co. will make another pass through Chicago soon. FWIW, the Auditorium Theater in Chicago was designed to have perfect acoustics for an unamplified orchestra, and it does. That doesn’t mean the sound will be 100% perfect in every seat for an amplified rock concert, but from where we were, 1/3 of the way back on the main floor, the sound was outstanding. I think this recording bears that out.
Written by Paul Jackel
Musical Magnificence!
Seeing King Crimson at the Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University in Chicago on September 10 was truly a night of musical magnificence. It marked the seventh time I have seen the band perform live and they continue to get better and better as time goes by. I purchased the Royal Package ticket and it was well worth the price as we were treated to a pre-show talk with Robert Fripp who spoke on some very cerebral topics (I'm not kidding!) along with separate talks with Tony Levin and band manager David Singleton. I asked Tony about plans for 2020 and was excited to hear about tentative plans for an American tour starting perhaps in June or July. Yes, I will be going if they play anywhere near the Chicago or Milwaukee area. You can check out the setlist for the show at the website "" if you are so inclined to talk a look. Robert mentioned that he writes the setlist for the show the morning they are scheduled to play. It varies from show to show. They played almost exactly three hours which included a twenty minute break expertly placed between the first and second sets of the performance. I absolutely loved the show and if any of the band happen to read this review, from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for your amazing performance which I enjoyed more than words fully can describe! God bless you all!
Written by Steven Moyano
Ruined by poor sound
Like Neil, I was at the 2017 Chicago Theater show and do not find them comparable. Sitting close up the sound was at once too loud and muddy, players cancelling each other. This may be more a problem with the Chicago Auditorium than the band but it makes it hard to evaluate the performance. Maybe the recording will prove me wrong.
Written by Neil Forker
Every year, King Crimson gets better. This show was my fourth time seeing them since 2014 (sixth overall since 1995), including the show released as “Live in Chicago.” I feel this show was even better than that one! The Celebration Package was worth the price, and I do hope they continue to offer these. There were scorching performances of “Neurotica,” “Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Level Five,” and “21st Century Schizoid Man” as well as surprise set additions, “Frame by Frame,” “Cat Food,” “EleKtriK,” and “Larks’ Tongues in Aspic-Part IV.” The interactions between Jakko and Robert were fun to watch as well as the interactions between Pat, Tony and Gavin. Also, Mel was enjoying plenty of love from the audience after most of his solos. It all was an absolute pleasure. This is the definitive Crimson, in my opinion, and I hope they contribute to the KC “Classic Catalog” as the new originals are continuing to develop, and are very, very good!