Wow! Is this the wildest version of this venerable piece that first emerged towards the end of Crimso ’69’s tenure? From the cavalcade of furious drum rolls, the racing guitar lines that flap and fly by at some speed and the amped-up soloing from Mel and Robert that scream and push at each other, this track goes to another level entirely.
Pictures Of A City
Written by Alex Mundy
Greatest show but...
Dear Andreas, Here is a reply from the man himself, Pat Mastelotto "FYI I didn’t have a problem with my electronics… It was my In Ear Monitors… they were kaput , you possibly saw the crew giving me other headphones / I played OMRN without any monitors listening to the front of house. -We had a problem last week at Sound Check and they switched out the mixer that sits near me and my hunch is that that is corrupted."
Written by Andreas Botsch
Greatest show but...
I saw KC performing open air for the first time and must say the experience was really worth while compared to, say, Admiralspalat in previous years! This regards both the fantastic sound in the court of Zitadelle (Tony's bass a real delight!) and the atmospherics. The visible but not audible problems with Pat's electronic material (was it the wireless earphones?) could probably have also occurred in a hall. The setlist was as one could expect having scanned Tony's photo gallery from previous concerts in the 2019 Celebration tour. A very good performance of OMRN, though in replacement of RED debatable still. And RED was the piece that was missing open air. The bad news though was that the show started - UNANNOUNCED - 30 minutes earlier and masses of people were still rolling in when the band was already performing the third piece! Really ANNOYING. No warning by email from the ticket sellers or anyone else whosoever. Lucky us who had arrived shortly after 7.30, when the drumming trio performed their first piece.