Written by Jon Taylor
Just superb!
Been looking forward to this all year, and it lived up to every expectation. Everyone played superbly (of course); Mel was fantastic, Jakko was in great voice, particularly the scat vocals on Easy Money, and in good humour, laughing with Mel at an errant 'toot' at the end of One More Red Nightmare, Sir Robert on Prince Rupert's Lament, Tony on everything, but the drummers stole the show that night. Gavin in particular was on fire! Thanks so much for coming back and doing Schizoid Man. My partner, dragged along just to see this band that I've gone on about for so many years, came away saying "that last song - the one with the drum solo - that was brilliant!" Never thought I'd hear that :)
Written by Terry Plimmer
Best show I've seen in ages
It's almost a week since I saw this and it's been uppermost in my mind all that time. Seeing the stage as I entered the auditorium I was struck by THREE drumkits sited FRONT of stage and (naturally ?) thought, I'm not sure this is going to work ; man alive, was I wrong. Consummate musicianship throughout the band and zero histrionics for the whole two and a half hours of the set. My companion said they could have easily sat for another hour, as could I. The best show I've seen for years.