Although the piece was originally recorded 47 years ago by a completely different incarnation, encountering this particular rendition it sounds as though the music was patiently waiting for the Double Quartet to come along in order to bring it to the public’s ears. With Jakko Jakszyk providing the snarling bursts of solo guitar, Gavin Harrison’s drumming stands out amidst the controlled mayhem. But listen carefully also for Pat Mastelotto’s triggering of samples taken from Lizard, where snatches of Nick Evan’s trombone parts are made to manifest and spookily connect 1970 to 2017.
Last Skirmish
Written by Jesus Rosales
Intimate hot date.
This was my fifth King Crimson show in 2017, the first 4 being in Mexico City, so it was really contrasting having 3000 plus people in a Theater versus a few hundred on the Friends and Familiy show. Lark's One was really great, is still feel goosebumps every time I hear the intro to this song live, and it was even more special in a intimate surrounding such as this show. Exceptional moments for me were to hear Breathless with this line up, it was totally unexpected an a pleasant surprise. However the peak moment came when Moonchild was played followed by Tony Levin and jeremy Stacey cadenzas into The Letters, for me the sequence worked out beautifully. And oh boy when they opened the second set with Discipline was a dream come true, it reminded me of the early eighties shows when Crimson used this song as the set opener. All in all a wonderful experience and I'm really grateful to the band, the management and all the people working at DGM for making this kind of events possible, I really felt like a friend of the band during the show. A big thanks to Pat and Tony for signing my Chicago cd at the end of the show.
Written by ALLAN G OKADA
Unreal good. Better than one could possibly imagine this piece sounding live. Astoundingly good.