The hall is pretty nice for Rock music, with really good sight-lines and great acoustics. Full house tonite, 3000+ in attendance. Austin thinks of itself as a musically sophisticated town, with 'an embarrassment of [live music] riches', yet it had been 20+ years since I saw KC last play here (at AMH), in the 'double trio' incarnation (closing w/ a memorable LTIA2). The horn really adds a lot. The drums generate a lot of power; almost too much, in a hall with such good acoustics. Jakko's singing fits well and serves the songs nicely (incl. the 80s songs), and his (remark-) able guitar plays a vital part of the sound. Very nice to hear RF enthusiastically(?) play guitar, seemingly happy to be heard and appreciated, and willing to play the lead when the song calls for it. And, of course, all props to the fabulous Tony. (you look great, dude, for 70+.) Happy that the set list included songs from so much of the band's historical repertoire. Opening w/ LTIA1 was a thrill, for me. Discipline was amazing to hear. The inclusion of Islands/Lizard-era and so much of ITCOTCK was appreciated by many. [IMHO: Pictures of a City should be allowed (forced?) to really 'swing', now that thankfully some of the 'schizoid' has been turned down.] As noted in DGM News, Austin's local weekly entertainment newspaper reviews the show at: All in all: Powerful music; lots of fun. "Great 'hot' date. Thanks for the good time!"