Inspired by a mash-up between West Side Story and Elvis Presley’s In The Ghetto, Fallen Angel was written on the road in the spring and summer of 1974 but never performed by the incarnation of Crimson that recorded it for the album, Red. Some songs are left to languish unplayed until the right lineup comes along to bring it to life. In the case of Fallen Angel it was forty-three years before its live debut but the wait was worth it.
Fallen Angel
Written by Joe Basile
Fallen Angel Debuts in Greensburgh?!
I didn’t realize Fallen Angel made it’s debut in Greensburgh.I listen to and recorded off the radio (WZUM Carnegie Solar Powered) ICOTCK back in high school. Then a buddy at Cal State (Chico) got me into KC starting with RED. I bought a cut-out cassette of RED for a dollar at Woolworth’s ...and have been buying ever since. Of course Fallen Angel has been an all-time favorite since....and of course Starless. Both were just too surreal and put me into bliss (sorry above reviewer it the only adjective that fits.) in Greensburgh. I remember a crafty video I bought and at the very end Robert states that his heart aches to play Starless again. I’ve witnessed Crimson several times, the first time ( w/Chico) in Akron in 1982. I have witnessed Robert or them ever since when in the Pittsburgh /Cleveland Area. (Did miss a Frippertronics tour at the Decade back in the day.) Chico, I, and Kindergarten buddy Mike sat in the balcony first row dead center (Real close to where we sat for Musical Box.).Saw this KC incarnation in Rochester(w/Chico) where the curfew made for some disappointment,although Islands and Starless was well worth the price of admission and then some. Greensburgh was a mix between,awe,surreal and bliss! Again the Crims exponentially exceeded my expectations! On another note: Sailors Tale ....I like just as much as Road to Red. This shocks me. I feel it is because I thought the sonic quality would be similar to Earthbound. While much of it is,much of it is pretty and pretty sonic,especially the smaller clubs they played..... and the two bonus unknown concerts. Second: If you are a fan of Fripp and Eno you will love Cross and Fripp,s ;Starless & Starlight. Third: Does any one know where I can get The Bruford Box Set? Fourth: I know Chico won’t write a review,Mike I would love to see yours. Finally.: The Greensburgh and Rochester Shows placed me in awe with the talent and musicianship,although nothing like the Radical Action DVD. This is most magical!
Written by George Allen
A Second Helping
Having attended the Raleigh show, the decision was made that once was most assuredly not enough and so a road trip was planned to the metropolis of Greensburg, Pa. I was able to obtain Royal Package tickets for myself and a fellow KC fan (who had already seen them in Atlanta) and I have to comment that if there is any way, any way at all you can afford to buy a Royal Package ticket to see the band, DO IT. Do not over-think this. Just. DO. It. The band was absolutely on fire. The musical performance delivered was leaps and bounds more passionately and enthusiastically executed and presented than the show I saw roughly 4 weeks ago. Obviously I have no photographic evidence to back up my assertion, but I am willing to declare that at one point I saw Mr Fripp making an actual guitar-face during a particularly intense passage. It seemed every member of the band was tapping into that ineffable something that drives a great performance. Regardless of who I was watching at any particular moment, there was no doubt they were putting all they had into it AND they were relishing in the effort. Add into this the "controlled" chaos of the drummer interplay (which is truly impossible for me to put into words) which was obviously delighting the back line and you have all the ingredients for what the late Mr Lake would have deemed "The Greatest Show in Heaven, Hell or Earth". And for just a bit of humor, sitting square in the center of this colossal musical hurricane, there sits Chris Gibson, calmly playing the keys, very occasionally looking to his left for the rare cue from Master of Ceremonies. The contrast between Mr Gibson's deadpan demeanor and the rest of the band just served to make the show even more memorable. No mention will be made of very questionable behavior by the local promoter and the goblins employed as "security" who did seem to want to be the center of the show on more than one occasion. Oooops, I just mentioned them. Sorry guys, but even your amazingly boorish behavior can't take away from the band's performance on the 20th of November.
Written by Vince Palamara
Fabulous concert from THE best line up of King Crimson!
My wife and I, along with my best friend (a huge Crimson fan who just saw the NY show), were amazed at this fantastic concert! We saw King Crimson at this same venue back in November 2001 and, although that was a great show, this performance tonight was almost beyond words! The musicianship was impeccable. We loved the three drummers, as well; superb. We were very, very impressed! (as a side note, my best friend and I also saw Robert when he came to town as a solo act back in 2008)
Written by Mike Weis
An emotional return for me
I saw Crimso in 1973 (I think) at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh. The S&BB tour. Loved it. I was already a fan for several years. In 1972, my father died. Suddenly, young. One of the songs of solace I had in my collection at the time was Islands. It really moved me, brought a sort of melancholy peace about his passing. Long time ago. I never ever expected to hear that track played live. Guess what? Earlier tonight in Greensburg, I did. Incredibly moving. Much of the show seemed almost a tribute to both Greg Lake and John Wetton. So many back catalog songs brought to new life with this incarnation of the band. I was moved by that, emotionally, and also rocked out by the triple drummers and amazed at the talents and tightness of this band. And Mel – so many records I have heard him on, loved his playing, but never seen live. Until tonight. Bliss. A truly memorable evening.