The solo at the end of the Lizard is one of Robert Fripp’s most identifiable moments. The sound, the choice of notes and the way they are played, well, it simply couldn’t be any other guitarist.Since it was introduced to the KC setlist, while the principal themes remain largely intact, the tone and processing effects have been subject to several subtle alterations along the way. What doesn't change, however, is the yearning, emotional impact of the piece. Stunning.
Prince Rupert's Lament
Written by Charles Orr
Crimson changes things
So this was my fifth time seeing Crim 2017: Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Albany x2. Each show was special and unique, but a common feature to all is the ongoing resonance and the sense that the world has changed. For example, the way I listen to music has shifted and stuff I've been listening to for decades sounds new and fresh - I'm hearing it differently. And even more deeply, I'm experiencing a sense of gratitude. If Crim 2017 is possible (it is - I was there!), and if I can plug into it simp...
Written by Joseph Marchesa
Great Show, but...
The sound during the first set was very muddled. Going into the second set it got better as it went on. It seems Fripp was not happy, and there were adjustments being made, which did improve things. The band as a whole seems to be having fun on stage, especially Mel Collins addition of various TV and movie quotes during his solo sections. The guys were killing it, just wish the sound was better balanced.
Written by Edward Skawinski
Thank you for two wonderful nights at the Egg!
What an incredible experience! My 11-year old (with ear plugs of course) was in his glory as he heard his favorite Crimson songs: "Cirkus" (!) and "Court of the Crimson King." His delight was wonderful to me. Too many highlights to mention but I will mention some anyway: an epic version of "Pictures of a City;" "Larks I" > "Larks II" was beyond belief; "Starless" transcends expectations every time; every member of the band was on fire. Thank you, thank you, thank you!