(Two-part review.) I was lucky to attend the KC concert in Brighton last autumn and it was pure magic! Everything was on 11 - so I was a bit worried that this concert weren't going to be "as good" since the last one was just excellent... Well, from a performance point of view it surely was - and this time I felt that Mel really took what was perfect and took it to beyond! Looking at the touring schedule of this incarnation of King Crimson you'd think it was a teenage boy-band or similar, but no - just professional musicians doing their job (and hopefully also having fun whilst doing it) Thank you for allowing us to explore, and enjoy, a "new" King Crimson in 2016! Sadly the acoustics were a bit so-so at the Falkoner and not at all as good as the Brighton Dome Concert Hall, which is sad when you try to listen to musicians working as hard as these guys do to perform at their very best... But this is an event issue and not a band issue and something you have to deal with today sadly. The recorded and released version of Red from this concert was free from the somewhat dodgy acoustics and I hope, in the future, one can purchase the whole concert to hear it as it was meant?