In his unswerving devotion to plunder the extensive DGMLive vaults, Mister Stormy has opened up a doorway onto an alternative reality! Well, not quite but hyperbole aside, if you ever wondered what the Discipline/King Crimson line-up crossed with a bit of the Bruford band might sound like, then wonder no longer.

Taken from a reel to reel recording of a rehearsal, bassist Jeff Berlin, Bill Bruford and Robert Fripp can be heard finding their way through some tricksy cross-rhythms and elusive pulses.

We're not sure where this is recorded: guesses include Bill Bruford's house and a rehearsal room in London.

However, what we are sure about is that with this tape
pre-dating the 81 line-up proper by a good couple of months, what we’ve got here the missing link between the League of Gentlemen and Discipline. Although it may be short you’d have to have cloth ears not to think “sweet!”

This track is available for download as part of a bumper collection of Mr Stormy's Monday Selections - his second year of random romps through the murky, cavernous DGM archives, torch in hand, fedora upon his head.

AUDIO SOURCE: Reel to Reel Tape



Bill Jeff And Robert
Written by joe r ventress
Berlin n Fripp
Very interesting to hear JB and Fripp playing together. Saw Bruford - every set played in LA, and KC every set played in LA from '81 on. I was in London Early '81, I think, and saw "Discipline" at her Majesty's Theater. It was packed, rockers, blue haired punks and lil old me at 17 seeing the greatest rock band in history. All that to say, I had seen Berlin with Bruford recently and Jeff was amazing to watch, not the greatest sanger, lol, but he did his best. I wish this clip was longer!!
Written by Steve Parkinson
Birth of an era
What is fascinating for me here is listening to the beginnings of the guitar sound for ’Discipline’ Using the Roland GR300 guitar synth and the G303 guitar we start with the classic Roland synth chords, then after a couple of aborted fuzz type sounds it breaks into the equally classic chorus synth for the soloing. Sublime. I’m off to break out my Roland rig and try to find those sounds...
Written by John Adams
Good, maybe even great, but not my thing
This music, while great, shows that RF would not have been a very effective fusion guy (assuming that "fusion guy" was a title to which he would have aspired).To me personally, I now understand why 81-84 Crim rarely goes six weeks without getting some play in my home, while Bruford’s One Of A Kind gets the once a year treatment, and the answer is most emphatically NOT that the latter is anything less than fantastic music performed by musicians who mean it. The key difference, IMO, is originali...
Written by Tim Collins
i remember mr.fripp talking about playing with jeff and bill he tought they played well togther but  felt jeff wasn"T quite right and he was right.i like the track but at the same time in 1980 i was in a band called red and we were playing the discipline album live @ keg partys tony levins work is tight for that style jeffs isn"t when i heard the track i understand why fripp choose levin i was 18 fresh out of high school using no high hat 14 inch roto tom (no dragon drums)i used roto toms t...