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Wednesday 26 March 2003

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Fripp Mobile HQ, Crimbus, About 90 Miles North of San Francisco.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue with large grey clouds, the other Crims are in their bunks.

Rising around 09.30, I found a message on my cellphone from Sistery Sister, who is in Australia: a wonderful treat.

Once upon a time, when I spent more time on the road than Sister, whenever KC/RF were working in San Francisco, I could count on getting to see Miss Fripp. Perhaps even having a superb haircut, perhaps even a high action movie. It was Sister, after all, who introduced me to the thespian skills of Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone & Steven Seagal, and all in SF cinemas. My Sister continues to have the endearing trait of asking me to explain plot inconsistencies in our B movie of choice. I continue to explain that plot inconsistencies in B movies are consistent, and should not be allowed to undermine one's enjoyment of the action, nor the fundamental credibility of the storyline: the good & bad guys are clearly delineated & easily recognizable, the hero duffs over the baddies, things blow up loudly & spectacularly, the good guy wins. Entirely credible.

A call to Little Willcox at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham. Flowers for her arrived yesterday. I shall see her next week in Liverpool, en route to Tokyo. Now, that's what I call routing.


We have just arrived outside Hotel Quite Acceptable in downtown SF.

An e-mail from a Guitar Craft student suggests to me that I should not attempt to be happy in this life. This e-correspondent reports: My grandfather told me countless times "do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?" I never asked if those were my only two choices.