Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Friday 14 May 2004

DGM HQ The back door



The back door of the village shop opened punctually at 08.30. Loud, broad accents began late at 08.41. The Horse has called twice from Canterbury, the second call from the shrine of St. Benji --


-- where Toyah was acquiring some sacred relics for our upcoming celebrations --


Although these pictures were taken in December, I believe the shrine & its contents to be unchanged.

11.25 DGM SoundWorld 1.

The Morning Shift: David has acted on his insight from the end of yesterday's session & re-arranged the running order for Volume IV. I am immediately brought into the sphere of Crimson '74. JW as Bass Beast Of Terror is stomping along, sonically squashing anything with the courage/foolhardiness to approach.

11.51 This little sucker is stomping forward in an uncompromising fashion. Stomp stomp stomp stomp squelch. The squelch was a delicate acoustic instrument stepping in front of the rhythm section. Squelch! There it goes again. The former running order gave the impression of an improvising band that could also rock out. This running order suggests to me a powerful rock band that also improvised, and is closer to the actuality.

12.01 The band almost begins Easy Money together. The band drives forward. Not a lacuna in sight! says Robert & David agrees.

12.23 This is one helluva good night!

12.44 Well. That's the definitive statement on this band. This album is essentially European, with parts of Exiles & Trio taking me to a time & place no longer present in the phenomenal world, although its spirit remains available to access through doorways such as this.

Also arising this morning: e-letters to potential engineers re: the archives.

DGM Archiving.

Material in the archives cover 1969 to the present & will most likely be ongoing. Primarily KC, also RF & related ventures.


There are three quality divisions in the archives: first, second & third divisions.

Third division sorts all archive material, mainly of bootleg quality, to be made available for download on the new & upcoming DGM website. From this sorting we make choices for Club & mainstream releases. Sources: cassettes & CDs.

Second division is material suitable for the KC Collectors' Club: rare and/or important items of whatever quality, enhanced to the best sonic standard possible. Sources: cassettes, CDs, 2-track.

First division is material for mainstream release. Sources: multi-tracks & enhanced lesser formats.

DGM Website:

The site will be date-centric. Performances will be archived to particular dates & cross-referenced & linked to diaries, photos, press cuttings, fan reviews & other arisings for that date. In time, this will comprise a comprehensive & detailed over-view of KC activity throughout the period.

Sorting the archive will begin with performances on key dates, and move out from these dates until all the material has been covered.

Co-ordination by Website Director.


Likely to be 1-2 days a week on an ongoing basis.

Riches, Fame, Wealth:

Unlikely for anyone.

And from Fabio Mittino's GC diary for yesterday --

The rock band session during the night was quite productive, even if at the end I was wasted. My bass player proposed to our boss, which in this trio is the drummer, to cover KC's VROOOM. He listened to it and told him that this was a perfect example of "anti-musicality". -He explained us how to manage a meeting with a label, and other very useful things.

There are many instructive issues raised within these few words. I feel I already know this bandleader, who is also a drummer, and is a bandleader, and knows how to manage meetings with record labels, and has a sophisticated musical taste uncompromised by a practiced capacity to conduct business.