Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Wednesday 24 March 2010

Convento La Pace Sassoferrato Italy


Convento La Pace, Sassoferrato, Italy.


Head on the pillow c. 00.10, waking in the night with the sound of a visitor to the small room in the adjoining dormitory c. 03.30. This was not in itself unwelcome: I was released from a performance dream in which my equipment was not, for some reason, working. I note, in performance dreams, no reason is ever needed for equipment to be not-working. Then awoken by the Bird Choir at 05.30 & again by the bells at 06.00. Taken together, these somewhat rendered the alarm at 06.15 as a mere optional-assistance to entering the day.

A personal-meeting list on the board en route to the Morning Sitting at 07.15.

Breakfast at 08.00 with nourishing Silence visiting c. 08.17.
The day’s schedule discussed & posted. Morning Circle-working in two groups with Buddies at 10.00.

14.03    A reflective morning. Considering the School Initiative in Seattle.
Personal meetings from 11.45.
Lunch at 13.00 with performances.


17.52 Dev, the apostle of Thomas, has brought the Epistle of Thomas to the Sassoferrations: Cleanliness is a delight to mine eyes, particularly that of the privy – and don’t forget the doorknobs while you’re at it I…




The Mission Of Thomas To the Unclean is also known on Guitar Craft courses as Level T.

The Alexander Of Whizz at 15.00 with Sandra in the corridor leading to the ballroom. I felt drawn in, but held myself back from watching, even from entering the corridor, and interrupting the flow of their work.

A walk at the back. Area for Outside Shoes I…




… as distinct from Inside Shoes, an example of which are here modeled by Ignacio…


Tea at 16.00 with more performances. Silence came to visit c. 16.23. Usually when Silence visits, on this course as on others, I feel that we are in receipt of a gift. On this occasion, the sense: perhaps Silence has come by to see our work, attracted by the strange things we are doing here.


Personal meetings recommenced at 16.30 with the Italian Guitar
Circle, then with individuals. The next visitor is about to arrive.

18.18    Addressing genuine concerns in the personal meetings.

23.16    T’ai chi at 18.45.
Dinner with performances at 19.30.
A meeting with the SSG IV at 20.30 with 2 new members. A lively meeting.

A meeting with the GC Women’s Group at 21.15 & various issues of concern were raised. This group is on the way.

The Orchestra congreeted at 22.00. A few words presented on moving towards performing. We cross the threshold, between the space where our ordinary activities take place, into the sacred space of musical performance, paying attention to our first footfall;
relying upon one person, at least, to call on the Muse for help. Once The Orchestra is underway, we remain in motion.

Remarkable. One stream of movement with discreet shapes until c. 23.10. Remarkable.

Now exhausted. The Devil Bug of Sassoferrato wants to hold me closely & give me a kiss.