Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Saturday 20 March 2010

Convento La Pace Sassoferrato Italy


Convento La Pace, Sassoferrato, Italy.


Rising at 06.10.
Morning Sitting at 07.15.

Breakfast at 08.00 with the dining room close to capacity. Conversation with Hernan on the top table:

RF:    How many people here are mad?
HN:    Two. At least, two that I know.

Kitchen team meeting at 09.30.

Personal meetings begin at 11.30.


13.45 Lunch at 13.00, now with a very full dining room. Victor has arrived after going to Chicago, twice.

16.33 Practising. To tea at 16.00 with many tastinesses provided, placed ready on the tables.

Personal meetings begin again at 17.00.

21.21    Dinner delayed until 19.45. Soup followed by strudel.

The House Rules were not formally called: they are assumed to be known by all participants. The opportunity was presented, to withdraw from the course, simply by going to Fernando before the Inaugural Meeting & asking him to give their money back. If anyone stays until that meeting, they are asked to remain on the premises for the remainder of the course; not like the two characters, on an earlier course here, who drove into the town one evening & returned to the Convento so drunk that their car went off the road & down the hillside. Fernando the Translator was much amused by this recounting.

Two more assumptions, in addition to knowledge of the House Rules: goodwill; and all of us here are seeking to refine our practice, however we might define that.

Allowing 75 minutes to clear the dining room & restore the kitchen, with confidence that the right people will arrive to discharge these necessary functions, plus a margin: the Inaugural Meeting is scheduled for 22.00.


Nourishing Silences have been arriving in the dining room for another day.


23.28    At 22.07 the Guitar Craft 25th. Anniversary Completion Course was acknowledged underway, and on March 25th. Guitar Craft will cease to exist. This, the culmination of the work of a lot of people on four continents over 25 years. This course is also The Guitar Circle I & The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists III.

Two Circles, one inner & one outer, comprising 108 persons, introduced themselves saying who they are, where they come from, what brought them here & their aim/s for the course. The introductions began in the Inner Circle, moving to the left; then the Outer Circle, moving to the right.

RF spoke for David LaV, Dean J, Debra K & Norman L Personal aim: to see what is required – for the rest of my life! But not with such eagerness as to impede the future presenting itself; and so, a demand to know the future with a light touch; and prepared to settle for knowing what’s required in the next year or two. Also, a lot of laughing during the next week.

A quick catching up with Hernan. To settle.