David Singleton

David Singleton's Diary

Thursday 20 September 2001

Today at the Vicarage The

Today at the Vicarage : The Betsy, London.

A busy few days, but very little outward activity to report. I find myself revisiting ground that was covered several weeks ago – decisions that have been taken, but not yet been fully acted upon. Patience is fast running out.

Yesterday I visited my friend, who is suffering from cancer. The journey from London to Stirling by rail does not bear describing. She is now undergoing chemotherapy, but remains confident that there will be useful complementary cures. The support from within her small village in Scotland is a joy to behold. Mothers volunteering to take her other two children to school, and a full rota of volunteer cleaners and cooks. Their new baby boy should be home with them next week.

She is very fortunate in her friends and family, and remains very positive, as do I. My thanks to all those who have offered advice or prayers.

Donbledore is braving the air, and will be arriving in the UK on Saturday, dropping in on the ever svelte Karen Aires on the way through New York – I cannot imagine what it would be like to fly into that city at the moment. I look forward to meeting with him. It is always interesting.

I recently received an email from him pointing out that he is Global, Mobile and Independent, but unfortunately has no Discipline. Hsssss.

He also pointed out that I had again briefly entered a time slipped world in which Monday the 17th was followed by Tuesday the 17th. After recent events, nothing is surprising.