22 December 2016

Christmas Treats

Christmas is racing over the horizon rather too quickly for comfort. Strange how in early December (or is it early November?), I am always resistant to the notion that "christmas-comes-earlier-every-year", but even with the extended advance warning, I am never ready. In recent years, our family have attended the midnight mass in Salisbury Cathedral on Christmas Eve, which at least ensures that I wake up on the 25th remembering what day it is. Time to stop work, go present buying, and start imbibing heavily of the Christmas spirit.

By way of a clumsy sequitur, I have just uploaded the following chocolate box photo that I took of the Christmas tree outside of the Crimson gig at the Opera Garnier in Monte Carlo. It is now the cover for this year's DGM Christmas treat, courtesy of Robert and Jakko.

The gigs in Monte Carlo were two of the best of the tour - and tragically (given that the Opera only holds 500 people) - were not sold out. I remember sitting in the audience wondering how many people world-wide would have loved to see Crimson in such intimate surroundings. The view from my seat was as follows:

And those wishing to buy merchandise had to slum it in the following entrance lobby :

While this is the view from Tony's position on the stage :

Our hotel (shock, horror) had only four stars - the hardships we are all forced to endure! It's the building behind the "G" in this photograph :

The view from the top of the hill would be :

All very well, but they still have to put fake snow on their trees (see photo at the top). Although, come to think of it, we don't have any snow either. Just grey drizzle! Happy Christmas.