Music Hall

The Hell Hounds Of Krim are unleashed here in Dallas. The piece has evolved quite a bit since it first appeared with the arrival of the Crims back in 2014. The push and pull of the piece originally conceived by Gavin Harrison allows for each player to express themselves albeit within a tight framework. Each listener will have their own favourite moment but to these ears, when the three become one around in the final section, and Pat triggers the laughing bag sample, this is the Drumsons at their grooviest.
Written by Russ Fortson
Fantastic yet again!
The Chicago show earlier this year was my first KC concert ever. What a great way to get started! While it was a fantastic show and worth the 40 year wait, there were a few of my favorites missing. The Dallas show filled in those gaps and provided a complete musical experience for me. A total of 7 songs from my two favorite albums, "Red" and "ITCOTCK", were the cherry on top of a fantastic concert. Jakko's vocals were superb, and the entire band was one. The first set was on fire, and the second set brought it home perfectly. As others have mentioned, this 8 headed beast is capable of fabulous renditions of pretty much any incarnation of Crimson with representatives of every era of the band. And it's not merely rehashing the "old stuff" but providing their own take on the classics while still evoking great memories of past albums (and shows for those lucky enough to go back that far). If you haven't seen them, do whatever you need to do to get to the theater. You won't be disappointed.
Written by Darren Hightower
Awe Inspiring
A theater unto itself, a King Crimson concert is a humbling display of power, precision, and passion. At times subtle and delicate, but unfailingly relentless and implacable all the while. I sat in bewilderment, my attention passing quickly from musician to instrument and back again, barely able to keep up with their performances. Moving from joy to sadness, from confusion to clarity, from gobsmacked to gleeful, I was blown away by this night. These world class musicians were a sight to behold and brought such wondrous spiritual fulfillment, of a kind I've never quite witnessed before. Thank you, gentleman, thank you indeed.