This show was amazing... my favorite performance of the Crim I’ve seen. I’d love to see this as a KCCC release, but would take a download as well. This deserves to see the light of day for many reasons, not the least of which is the storming performance. I do have to say that it being the last U.S. performance of the Double Duo as well as Trey Gunn is a nice point, but I would have to go with Fripp’s rare and quite welcome decision to stand up and address the audience ("Thank you for the balloons and the undergarments, but you’re all a bunch of hippies!"... said with a laugh!) followed by his trivia contest to win the aformentioned undergarments. Surely all Crimson fans deserve the right to hear our fearless leader in such a rare light!!! This performance STRONGLY deserves to be a KCCC release as I said before, but even just a download would do!!