John Wetton

DGM's tribute to the mighty bass guitarist that was John Wetton. Compiled from a Fripp, Wetton and Collins session recorded prior to the making of Exposure, this is quite easily the best jazz-rock power trio that never existed, with the famous Wetton crunching bass well to the fore. Astonishing to think that John made his huge contribution to King Crimson in just three brief years before moving on to UK, Roxy Music and Asia. The comments section below leaves a space where we can collect tributes.

AUDIO SOURCE: Studio Monitor Mixes



John Wetton
Written by Brian Rabey
To think this is a finite contribution to music would be too cruel a prank to pull on an unwitting public. My God, the day was worth having.
Written by Francesco Losurdo
Simply the greatest
There never was and never will be an artist like John, his legacy is an immense treasure.
Written by Mr Paul Smith
peak of KC
John's contribution to music, let alone KC, was immense. I grew up with listening to USA and SABB and Red, his vocal style matched KCs style perfectly. Then Asia, where he carved another great success out for himself. One of rocks greatest talents, sadly missed.
Written by William Rosenblatt
Unmistakably Wetton
Easier to hear his individuality in that trio setting than in Crimson live improvs, especially with Fripp and Collins giving him that much room. Reminds me a bit of the Hendrix/Billy Cox/Buddy Miles "Nine to the Universe" jam sessions.

Band diaries / Press reviews

20.06 Waking c. 01.38 and unable to go back to sleep for two or three hours. John was very much on my mind, having spoken to Lisa yesterday afternoon and who continued to keep me up to date. Thank you. Rising at 09.00, from a NightWorld series of adventures from I’m not sure where, to an e-mail from Lisa Wetton sent at 08.49: John… died very peacefully, without pain. Gratitude for this. Martin Darvill, John’s manager for the past twelve years, was also in touch and we spoke: John flew away at 05.25. John was a pal over almost forty-two years, beginning at Bournemouth College in 1965, two teenage students and local gigsters. We continued in touch during our early professional lives in London, speaking from time to time, before John joined King Crimson in 1972-74 with David Cross, Jamie M...
10.34 Well. A shock at the Kitchen table. David came in c. 09.10 with news of a restless night over the (non)exchange of contracts on the about-to-be-becoming Chez Singleton in Bredonborough. 21.05 Bredonborough. Leaving DGM HQ c. 11.45 to celebrate John Wetton’s Flying Away at the church of St. Mary Magdalene, New Milton… I II A full church, with moving eulogies and testimonies to how much John contributed to the lives of many. Jerusalem was stirring and the Lord's Prayer strongly rendered. In the second pew, congregation left, I was surrounded by many well-known professional persons from John’s extended Family and Friends. Lisa read a poem she had just found of John's, unpublished, which fell from a sheaf of lyrics. The last line: I am not dead. The Vicar invited the congrega...