Whan can be said about this album? That it's ahead of it's time? That is seamlessly combines the talents of Belew, Fripp, Levin and Bruford? That it can be considered a genre of it's own (much like every Crimson album)? That it perfectly mixes the ethereal with the contemporary earthly rock melodies? What about all of these? Discipline is my favourite King Crimson album, next to Starless and Bible Black. I've listened to this more times than I can count, especially The Sheltering Sky, which, to this day, remains the greatest musical piece I have ever heard. I may have listened to The Sheltering Sky close to 500 times, maybe more, I don't know, I lost count a long time ago. From the crazy rock melodies of Elephant Talk and Frame By Frame, to the minimalism of Sky and the precision and fulfillment of Discipline, this is truly an mind-blower from the mighty Fripp, whose previous Crimson album was the immortal Red. I am a die-hard Crimso, I own more Crimso CDs than I can count, but Discipline is, in my opinion, one of their crowning achievements. If I have to introduce Crimson to a friend, I don't start with ITCOTCK, I start with Discipline. It's one of those Crimson albums that's immediately accesible, yet incredibly subtle and progressive. Truly, a masterpiece.