Overheard a couple of hours ago at the Pompei Ruins, an Italian security guy does not allow the tourists to go inside the amphitheater: “There are concerts here this week, you cannot enter, people are working inside to prepare it.” “Oh, who is playing here?” The security guy, quite excited, counting on his fingers: “There is Marcus Miller!! And (2nd finger) there is James Taylor!, and I forgot the name of the other singer.” The visit to the ruins is over, I make a mental note not to ever live near a live volcano, and head back to the hotel to get some rest before the show. It’s going to be my first encounter with KC 9.0, I took 2 flights to get here (forget the flights, I took a car in Napoli and actually drove inside Napoli to get here - talking about Uncertain Times). The Rating Field is required. Question: Can it be less then 5 stars? Answer: No it cannot. As rating is subjective, depends on expectations and perspective, and for me the experience will be full, no matter what will happen tonight. Question: can that experience be described in words? Answer: I’m not sure.