That was extremely hot day as I remember arriving at the Warsaw Central Station, to notice some of the Crimson fans already wandering around it with glasses of beer in their hands. And later it was funny to observe others around Roma theatre representing various generations as well as to hear Lark’s V playing aloud from someone’s car too. Trey is absolutely right about the ending of Thrush. I think I remember this moment quite well, as the short excerpt of Tomorrow Never Knows, woven into the group improvisation somewhere at the beginning of the show. Other memorable facts: Adrian smiling all the time, Robert smiling too, especially in the middle of Vrooom where there was a kind of rhythmic misunderstanding on the Pat’s part (Trey on the other hand had rather puzzled look on his face). Besides, that was he who attracted all the female part of the audience’s attention all the time. Three of a Perfect Pair jointly sung with half of the audience. Also of interest: Robert quietly practising the faster lines of Fractured seconds before the start of the track, and shouting something to the person (was it John Sinks?) standing behind the mixing board few times during the show. And of course the opening Soundscapes, a bit disturbed though by the wandering listeners. He was completely occupied by his Eventides and pedals while improvising, that you could say that he wasn’t really aware of the subtlety of the music. It was also unusual to talk after the show with probably ten years younger than me member of the audience (and I was 24 at the time). He said: " I thought they play Red..."