There is a lot to like about this concert, and this stretch of shows in general. But first, a caveat: The times listed on the songs are way off. The improvs are (in order of appearance 2, 6 and 2 minutes long. Starless is complete, and Fracture is only the first four minutes.As I had mentioned, the German tour in Spring 74 had a lot of interesting stuff going on. For one, Starless was being taken for a test drive. It had only been performed a few times prior to this show. Their modus operandi regarding improvs was (primarily) to extend the intros to some of their songs, with Exiles typically getting a bit longer of an intro. In this case, the Intro to Exiles improv actually starts out with what is pretty much a brief Bruford solo before the whole band kicks in and kicks butt. Soundwise, it’s quite good. Wetton is really loud as usual but his bass has an extra meatiness to it. My only gripe, and that goes for a lot of the shows from this tour, is that they are not complete. Even more frustrating is that the tapes tend to run out during Fracture, which is among the greatest 11 minutes in recorded music history. [/hyperbole]