In days of old when knights were bold and DGM wasn’t invented there was little of the 72-74 to be had excepting USA, the Amsterdam concert (Night watch) and the longtime out of print TGD which was rare as hen’s teeth for many years. So those of us who loved this period were driven to look elsewhere for trails of breadcrumbs and I remember being intrigued by a comment about the bootleg of the Club Agora sound quality being Grade D: execrable! This was the most damning of all the bootleg descriptions on, I think, the old Elephant Talk site (can’t be sure). However whilst writing this and the wife is out, I am playing it loud, and boy it is good. Anyhow, as usual, Sid’s description is right on the money and although it is more of a completists purchase it is absolutely not Grade D after Alex has once again worked his magic. Early 73 is my favorite Crimson era and I am very grateful to have this one in my collection Thanks Alex.