Written by Karl Halpin
There are only 5 stars to give?
I really wish I could get something along the lines of a digital download, you know, for a nominal fee, of this show. Or any show because they were probably all great! Including Zappa band sets! I hope they tour again real soon. Forget my or anyone else's review... Go see them!!!
Written by Paul Crane Jr
Absolutely worth the trip!
I’ve been a fan of King Crimson almost as long as I can remember. My dad had the Court LP, and I can remember vividly being in awe of the title track at 5 years old in 1970…..By the time Discipline was released, I had the entire LP collection (minus Earthbound). I was lucky enough to have seen two shows in 1984 (Santa Barbara and Irvine). By 2019, I’d been living in Alaska, and I wanted so badly to fly to the Lower 48 to catch the 50th Anniversary tour, but didn’t think I’d be able to...
Written by Knox Carey
I wish you were here to see it
Heraclitus said that no man steps into the same river twice; I submit that no concertgoer ever hears the same Crimson twice. If you think about King Crimson as a "band" in the ordinary sense, you're missing something essential. King Crimson is more of a process than a band. On the scale of decades, the group coalesces and dissipates. The repertoire is deconstructed, challenged, and refashioned from the materials to hand. If you are interested in hearing a faithful reconstruction of some particul...
Written by Jonathan Measor
Whoa! What a show!
Holy shit! Outstanding show. I'm born in the '80s my parents had me on Keith Jarrett, Wagner, and The Rolling Stones for most of my childhood. My scout leader only played Alan Parsons. My good friend and neighbor, G, let me in on the sound of King Crimson. Until a week ago I only listened to King Crimson when G would put it on the HiFi. On 90.7 WFUV I heard Alisa Ali mention the New Haven CT 2021 show. I began to look for tix that I might gift G because he's been a great friend to invite me ...