Radical Action II Larks Tongues In Aspic Part V
Written by Hernan Guerrero
A sonic earthquake before the revolution
Finally sitting to listen to the Great Crim, after three or four times I was in the right country but in the wrong city when you were playing, was already a dream came true. I spent the whole first set unable to discern whether this was real or I was just listening for the umpteenth time your music. But you were there, boy, were you there! The stomping three-drum-sets legs of the newest incarnation of Crim opened the night with a great bang. Then, one by one, you were playing magnificently many of the songs I've grown to. The ConstruKction of Light, Cirkus, Epitaph, Red (God, RED! A girl sitting close by was air-drumming it, while I spent most of the evening moving my fingers to the guitar), Frame by Frame, Larks' Tongues II... I just couldn't believe the first part. Those were the latest versions of those classics, playing in front of us. Then, inevitably, during the second set (somewhat more relaxed, with Cat Food, new versions of Islands -moving- and Indiscipline -visceral and controversial- playing for good) I didn't want the concert to end. I wanted to applaud more to Mel's salutes, when he waved his horns after an exquisite solo, but the music was so tight, it would've ruined the whole (People did applaud beforehand, and I could see the reaction in the Crimsonites' faces) Anyway, when Starless arrived, with the red lights covering the place, I knew I had lived the concert I was waiting for the better part of my life. It was a blast, a delicate bang, with moments of sheer aggression and others of tenderness and grace. The Court of the Crimson King and Schizoid were also great. It was a timeless concert, where music written in the 60's and 70's were as contemporary as the music you make now. Thank you guys, you're the portrait of the committed artist. You rocked Chile to its foundations, at the right moment. Three days later, people started jumping over the subway turnstiles and within a week, the whole country was in flames. Rightly so, if I may add. I hope seeing you again sometime (and somewhere) soon!
Written by Juan Gonzalez
Thanks, the music was the great winner.
I went with the highest expectations, but I never expected a concert such this. It was far beyond my expectations, it was impressive, each one did his part as a fundamental stone in the music, even the public. I still can't believe how great the show was, I'm still kind of shocked. Thank you guys to make us enjoy the music and the experience like never did before.