What a fabulous gig! The sheer energy, imagination and emotions I experienced last night makes this quite possibly the best gig I've ever attended (and I saw many of the classic bands of the late 60s and 70s). This line-up's interpretation of Islands is only the second time during any gig where i've been emotionally moved to the point of tears of joy - (the other time being Mr Fripp's own Soundscapes gig at Exeter Cathedral in June 0f 2006). And this band has not only technique but also humour in bucket-loads - witness the incredibly innovative interplay between Gavin, Pat and Jeremy. It's clever and very engaging stuff. Although their individual contributions are not competitive, in the sense of any one of them trying to outdo the other two, the overwhelming sense of all three having a lot of fun bouncing off each other is palpable. They each have great flair but they integrate this so well and add to the sum of the parts in a truly staggering way. Anyone who doubts the three drummer ideology need only see these guys live - even if they are set up at the front, it's heard to divert one's attention from what they are doing - individually and collectively. It's incredibly tight but also organic and alive. Nice to see Robert "shredding" with the best of them! It's also obvious that things are not static within the camp, as both the set and the arrangements have grown since last I say KC in Cardiff last year; witness the fascinating new into to Frame by Frame. Nice to see Mel "the Governor" Collins add his inimitable stamp to more recent material too. The incredible breath control shown on the lengthy arpeggio section at the end of his flute solo on "In the Court Of..." is something than many half his age could not pull off. Tony Levin is simply the best bass player on the planet at the moment. I seriously hope that Messrs. Fripp & Singleton, on listening to tonight's recordings, consider this (or at least one of these Royal Albert Hall gigs) worthy of a CD or download release, as I'd buy it in a heartbeat (no pun intended!). Thanks you to all involved in putting this event on, it was a truly fantastic evenings' entertainment!