Here’s the announcement that’s played twice before the band come on stage during the 2014 tour. There’s a rumour circulating that one Crim mentioned he'd like to take a baseball bat the nuts of those snapping pix and recording but that this however was excised from the final edit.

Expurgated or not, the message from all of the Crims couldn’t be clearer: please embrace the moment, please come and *be* with the band and not with your smart phone and other weapons of mass distraction.

Please feel free to download this audio clip and share it on your twitter account, Facebook, blog or webpage.

AUDIO SOURCE: Camera Phone



No Cameras Please
Written by Mike Derenzo
2 nights at the EGG
The Egg has great sound and with an incredible band it was awesome. The audio mix was better the second night. Go Mel btw: found both shows on a site un-named <good quality bootsKC should follow what Phish does and allow fans to redeem their stubs for a download of the show.Long live bootlegers without the fans the music would not reach all those  unable to attend a live show. Dont get me wrong the spirit of here and now in the moment of a live event is priceless but its sure nice to have a recording to listen and enjoy with friends.
Written by Vincent Di Francesco
Toronto fan attended Albany gig
Awesome show! The 7 hour drive was well worth it. If there are no Canadian gigs, then the Canadian must go to Crim!
Written by Jeff Levinson
Why no Canadian gigs!!
I’m pretty aware that this will not be posted but so be it..After years and from many avid fans here in Toronto why would King Crimson not play Toronto but see fit to play Albany NY? Signed not so Starless in TO Jeff Levinson
Written by Randy Burgoon
My life is complete.
Wow! I purchased the tickets for this show having no expectations on what the show would be like. I just knew that I had to see them before I leave this earth. The concert was excellent and I am still in awe at what I have witnessed I feel honored that I was able to attend this concert. Here’s to this incarnation of the King. May they not rest in peace yet and hopefully come out with a new album with the current lineup Wow is all i can say. I am now sad for not buying a ticket to all three nights! Don’t miss this if you have a chance to see them! Rob steal connive to get there it’s worth it!