This show is not available as part of the tour bundle
Written by Samuel Langer
Early Show Review: Great cassette soundboard quality
Review for the first show: Awesome performance, and great groovy renditions of the songs. Shame we don't have the beginning, but it's good nonetheless! The Groon is great and it's funny how Boz messes up some of the lyrics on Cirkus.
Written by Rainer Robles
From the box
The Sailors' Tales box presents the two sets from this date, and they're worthy inclusions - they're cassette soundboards, what immediately places them above the handful of audience recordings on the tour bundle. Sadly, both versions of "Pictures" are just represented by the ending section. "Formentera" and "Sailor's" were still linked by Ian Wallace's ride cymbal just like on the album, something that would soon be replaced by more "aggressive" and sudden transitions. On "Cirkus" from the first set, Boz messes up the lyrics, but actually it's a quite funny occurence. Also of interest is that, after the third verse, Fripp plays electric piano instead of strings on the Mellotron - nice variation! The vocals on "Ladies of the road" have reverb - something that would be discarded soon as well. "Groon" on the second set was longer, but both have additional melodic ideas that are nice to hear. "Schizoid" was great as usual; I like the version from the first set better, despite the bass isn't audible during the paused hits. And, the second set has "Cadence and Cascade" as an encore, though incomplete.