Posted by Mariana Scaravilli on Aug 6, 2017


Dear Professional Crafty,

To be part of a band, usually, you have to be there at the beginning.
You're a sideman. You are not being asked to join the band, you are being hired. The situation of playing offstage, or out of the spotlight, is standard.

In my own life, my best playing has been in supporting the work of others. I was/am happy to do this.

  1. Music has come into the world which otherwise would not have done.
  2. I have had the blessing of the opportunity to play well.
  3. From time to time, I have sensed that something is moving through me, into a larger sphere of influence, which would not happen from my own direct endeavours nor through the other artist without me. In other words, this is transmission but secondary transmission. This is not something which can be talked about with many people. Recently i saw one of the most successful rock bands in the world right now. One of their best pieces was based on two guitar lines which I had shown the guitarist! But, they very generously attribute influence to KC/RF.

Because I have also had the opportunities for direct action (KC, solo and collaborative work) I have not felt excluded from the frontline. Although, I once felt hurt when I recognised that the friendship on offer was not actually friendship.

So, where does this leave you?

  1. Professionally: you have an opportunity to showcase your talents. Good work is recognised, and good work leads to more work.
  2. Personally, you have the opportunity to put a high-quality current into the world in a large way. Your payment is that you have the opportunity to do so, not that you receive recognition for it.
  3. This is the condition of the fallen world. It sucks. That's what it is.
  4.     We only have what we give away: if we try to hold onto it, it escapes our grasp.
  5.    In terms of dealing with the manager, you can talk professional terms because that is all that is being offered.
  6.     If you are resentful, something in the music will become tainted.

Now, into the lobby and off to Osaka.


Monday 27th. November, 2006.


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