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We all know that the seven-headed beast can make a fearsome noise but it’s increasingly been developing its capacity of creating quieter, less obviously dramatic spaces in which meetings with remarkable music can flourish. things happen. An example of this in the current setlist might include this version of Easy Money. Here Fripp’s solo seems to ooze from out of a different time and place entirely, flowing out into our world. At an entirely different end of the Crimson spectrum the build, with Jakko’s vocals, is also immensely powerful.

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Easy Money

King Crimson Billboard Pisa - Adolfo Galli

King Crimson Pisa Airport Billboard - Adolfo Galli

Written by Barry Briscoe
Rewarding and Refreshing
The re-introduction of this song in 2015 was hugely welcome. Whilst it's a classic number, when I witnessed the seven headed beast perform it twice, it took my breath away. It was the most dynamic moment of the show as it grew so quiet and tense during the improv section, one could have heard a pin drop. This is the 4th version by the 21st Century Crim that DGM has begifted us and it's a perfect demonstration of how organic and fresh this band are as they keep on exploring, taking this to new places, the entire band listening to and reacting to each other so no two performances are ever the same. Of the 4 performances we have so far, this is definitely the best... very spacey, almost psychedelic. Last year, I thought this was stunning... this year, it's incredible. It's interesting to compare and contrast as this year, Mel plays a larger role to great effect. Jakko's vocal improv is just brilliant, a truly inspired addition to the song that genuinely adds to it. Robert plays beautifully turning in an otherworldly solo, Tony manages to remain solid and explore at the same time whilst the drum trio add their own dynamics and tension... fused together, there is absolutely nothing else quite like this. This is the sound of real MUSIC being played and created in the moment. It's dynamic, dramatic, tense, and exciting. That's why I love this band. You THINK you may have heard it before, but you haven't - they keep on giving and rewarding... especially if the audience get into the moment with them. Lastly, this is a lovely sounding well balanced recording, stick on the headphones, shut the eyes and away you go!
Written by Brad Wilmot
Excellent take
After the amazing version of Cirkus I was looking forward to hearing Fracture, Indiscipline, and Glass Tears. When repeats of previously released tracks appeared I didn't initially recognize them as new performances and my first thought was Easy Money. Again? But this one was a pleasant surprise in the way the band changed up the solo section with Mel and Bob trading riffs over a looser rhythm section. Easy Money was the 70's band's Thrak. The improv section could go anywhere and often did. Now the seven headed beast is demonstrating their ability to fly on this one, too. Absolutely worth adding Easy Money again.
Written by Orn Orrason
Like it
I like the extended mid-jam session. Not overplayed .. quite but exciting.Different from earlier in the tour but this part of the song gives so good platform to improvise and play with it. Goosebumps created at the office desk. I don know what fellow workers will say about this animated King Crimson fan.
Written by Rodd McLeod
the magic oozes
This is only song I can think of where the drums are in 4/4 but the vocals are in 7/8, which makes it feel like the singer is slithering in and out of the beat. This performance captures that slither perfectly and accentuates it with percussion crackling as other voices (saxophone, guitar, mellotron, vocals and bass) throwing long ropes of sound across the top. It sounds as if Noah's Ark got marooned in a swamp and the creatures all got out and boogied their way across until they hit dry land, at which moment they began singing, "did ah dow, duh diddy dow, duh duh dow, duh doot doo!"