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The DGM HQ team got very excited when they heard this version of LTIA Pt1, with certain voices going so far as to suggest it to be the “best ever” rendition of this beast.[endtease] They have a point. As those spiky guitar arpeggios begin, the rhythm section sprint off ahead, leaving Fripp fighting to stay on the back of the tiger on a turbo-charged gallop. As Wetton turns in an astonishing bass solo, Fripp heralds his guitar break with a pre-echo of Industry’s doom and gloom theme. No really!
Doctor Diamond had been introduced earlier in the year as the new quartet KC took to the road in the UK and Europe. This early version of Dr. Diamond is notable as it contains a different arrangement with a section that appears to draw upon the jazzier style of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, and for those with longer memories, East of Eden. The song would go through further stages of refinement on stage but with Wetton having to cram more words on the verses than your average Funk & Wagnall’s, it’s perhaps no surprise that the song (whose principle riffs had been around since the earliest times of the Larks’ quintet line-up) never made it onto an official studio or live release at the time. The Spanish modes contained within the first improv make for exotic listening and the second improv – a gloriously spooky ‘tron-fest – would surely have made a great horror movie soundtrack. Despite the presence of a notable lighting-rig hum in the early stages of this bootleg recording the band are on terrific form.
Dr Diamond
Larks Tongues In Aspic Pt I
RF Announcement
Easy Money
Improv I
Book Of Saturday
Improv II
The Talking Drum
Larks Tongues In Aspic Pt II
Written by Darryl Wayne Rhoades
I was there
I saw this particular performance in Atlanta at Richards which was recorded by my friend, Joe Neal, with his mobile recording unit, "Sam's Tape Truck". On the bill along with King Crimson was opening act, NRBQ, followed by The Atlanta Rhythm Section. Richards held about 250 people and it was packed. The sound was amazing as was the band's performance.
Written by Samuel Langer
Audio quality: 9 Performance: 10 Rock factor: 9 This is easily one of the best shows of this lineup. It sounds great. These might be among the best performances of Dr. D and Book of Saturday. The other songs are also good but Dr. D and Book of Saturday are the highlights. I think John was goofing around a little on Easy Money or was just super eager to sing his lines. Great concert overall, worth purchasing.
Written by Marcin Karski
"Book of Saturday" - The ULTIMATE Performance
Looking up on the reviews I see that at least Pablo Cordero hears, what I hear. Cheers, Mate! :-) If I was to pick my favourite and definite "Book Of Saturday" - THAT WOULD BE THE ONE. It's hard to put properly in the words the levels of subtlety that John and Robert apply into that performance. Stunning, gives me chills on countless thousands of listens hat it receives as years pass on and on. This is my must on every playlist of favs - both Crim related, or beyond. Solely for these, less than 3, minutes - don't hesitate. You need that like the air you breathe. And it's just a bit of a great performance by the line-up we revere so much.
Written by Michael Brinza
A Real Gem!
This show was one of only a few KC bootlegs that I acquired back in the 80s, and the thing I always loved about it was the incredible performance of LTIA part I, one of my favorite tracks from the 73-74 era. It's been decades since I've listened to it, and if I ever had any doubt as to whether this version really does stand out from the rest, the DGMLive description above ("The DGM HQ team got very excited when they heard this version of LTIA Pt1, with certain voices going so far as to suggest it to be the “best ever” rendition of this beast.") confirms that my memory is accurate. I certainly concur with the team's assessment. When the King Crimson Collectors Club was launched, it was always my hope that this show would appear in the offerings, but it never did, so I am happy to have this download. One thing about that vinyl bootleg (titled "Doctor D") that I had forgotten, though, was how little of the show is actually on the record, only four tracks (out of order): LTIA I, Easy Money, LTIA II, and Doctor Diamond (strangely, two tracks from the Amsterdam concert, Book of Saturday and Exiles were tacked on). It's great to get to hear the entire show, especially the two improvs which I had never heard until now. The band really did put on a great show on this date. As mentioned, LTIA I is nothing short of amazing, and Easy Money is very hard driving and intense. Sonically, while there are certainly better soundboard recordings, this is at least better than most bootlegs, good enough to truly enjoy the performances and demand repeated listenings. Clearly the bootleg record ran way too fast, as I see that I had penciled in on the sleeve that LTIA I was 11:05, whereas in this download it runs 12:11. If you are particularly a fan of LTIA I, don't miss this one.